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[in progress] and partially merged with the sampler from Luminous Green in Singapore.

  • The Green Imperative, Ecology and Ethics in Design and architecture, Victor Papanek, second edition 1995, Thames and Hudson
  • Smart Materials in architecture, interior architecture and design, Axel Ritter, Birkhauser.
  • Verb Natures. 5th volume of Actar's boogazine, Actar 2007
  • Trespassers, Inspiration for eco-efficient design, Ed Van Hinte and Conny Bakker, Netherland Design Institute, 010 publishers, 1999
  • No Logo, Naomi Klein, Flamingo 2000
  • Sustainable everyday, scenatios of urban life, Ezio Manzini, Francois Jegou, Edizioni Ambiente, 2003
  • Cradle to Cradle, Remaking the Way we make things, William McDonough, Mickael Braungart, North Point Press 2002
  • D Day, Le Design Aujourd'hui, editions du Centre Pompidou, 2005
  • Biomimicry, Innovations inspired by nature, Janine M.Benyus, Quill William Morrow, 1997
  • Holmgren, David. “Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability” [ref. Permaculture]
  • Jonathon Porritt: Capitalism as if world matters (very throughout book)
  • C.K. Prahalad: Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid (alternative angle to emerging markets)
  • Daniel C. Esty: Green to gold (Basic to ecological business thinking)

to sort/merge

  • Bateson, Gregory (1973). Steps to an Ecology of Mind. Paladin Books.
  • Beesley P, Hirosue S and Ruxton J (eds). Responsive Architectures, Proceedings of Subtle Technologies Symposium 2006.
  • Day (2005) le design aujourd’hui. Éditions du Centre Pompidou.
  • Esty, Daniel and Winston, Andrew (2006) Green to Gold.
  • Holmgren, D (2002). Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability. Holmgren Design Services.
  • Klein, Naomi (2000). No Logo. Flamingo.
  • Lowenstein, Oliver, ed. Fourth Door Review. Fourth Door Research.
  • Lyotard, Jean-François (1979). The Post Modern Condition.
  • Manzini, Ezio and Jegou, Francois (2003). Sustainable everyday, scenarios of urban life. Edizioni Ambiente.
  • McDonough, William and Braungart, Michael (2002). Cradle to cradle, remaking the way we make things. North Point Press.
  • Papanek, Victor (1995). The green imperative, ecology and ethics in design and architecture. Thames and Hudson.
  • Porritt, Jonathon (2005) Capitalism as if the world matters.
  • Prahalad, Coimbatore Krishna Rao (2006) Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Stiegler, Bernard (1998). Technics and Time. Stanford University Press.
  • Todd, Nancy Jack and Todd, John (1994). From eco-cities to living machines. Principles of ecological design. North Atlantic Books.
  • Van Hinte, Ed and Bakker, Conny (1999). Trespassers, inspiration for eco-efficient design. Netherlands Design Institute. 010 publishers.
  • Verb Natures. 5th volume of Actar’s boogazine (2007). Actar.
  • Wilson, Peter L. and Weinberg, Bill eds. (1999). Avant Gardening. Autonomedia.
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