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 ==== Machine Wilderness ==== ==== Machine Wilderness ====
 +[[Machine Wilderness Symposium]]
 Project outline.\\ Project outline.\\
 **Locations:​** FoAM's [[MidWest_Experimental_Station]] and Zone2Source in Amstelpark.\\ ​ **Locations:​** FoAM's [[MidWest_Experimental_Station]] and Zone2Source in Amstelpark.\\ ​
-**Partners:​** FoAM Ams, [[http://​zone2source.net/​nl/​|Zone2Source]],​ [[http://​ivanhenriques.com/​|Ivan Henriques]],​ [[http://www.asthecrow.net/ |Judith van der Elst]] .\\+**Partners:​** FoAM Ams, [[http://​zone2source.net/​nl/​|Zone2Source]],​ [[https://www.artis.nl/|ARTIS zoo]]\\
 [[Machine_Ecology_notes]]\\ [[Machine_Ecology_notes]]\\
-[[Machine_Ecology_PlanVanAanpak]]\\ +[[Machine_Ecology_DesignNotes]]\\ 
-[[Machine_Ecology_ProgrammaEisenRobot]]\\ +[[Machine_Wilderness_feedback]]\\ 
-[[Machine_Ecology_Het Verhaal]]\\ +[[Machine_Wilderness_glossary]]\\ 
 \\ \\
-**Keywords:​** ecological robotics, restoration ecology, artificial organisms, artscience, foodwebs, trophic cascades, biodiversity,​ groworld.\\+**Keywords:​** ecological robotics, restoration ecology, artificial organisms, artscience, complexity, foodwebs, trophic cascades, biodiversity,​ groworld.\\
 \\ \\
-**Outline:​**\\ +**Outline: ​Machine Wilderness programme**\\ 
-This programme is aimed at reimagining what robotics could mean in functionality,​ materiality and ecology, when they are designed as expressions based on habitats and trophic interactionsMachine Wilderness is a project prototyping artificial organisms as functional agents within biomes and landscapes, actively contributing ​to biodiversity. The new [[http://​proefstationmidwest.nl/|MidWest Experimental Station]] a research station set up by FoAM in Amsterdamwill provide a test area for ecological robotics ​and study interactions between biomes and mechanical organisms.\\+Pioneers like al Jazari already made programmable automata around 1200AD. Complex machines have therefore been part of our environment for many centuriesHuman infrastructures came to really dominate the planet since the Industrial Revolution. The word that comes to mind is brutalityEdward O. Wilson described our current age of mass extinction as the ‘Age of Loneliness’ and in many ways our technologies in these shared and biodiverse environments have been technologies of loneliness that violate natural processesdisturb habitats ​and crush biodiversity.\\
 \\ \\
 +Human technologies and infrastructures populate a planet still teaming with a bewildering array of life. But we design for the needs and wants of just one of those species, ad tedium. In a world full of creatures we've only been talking to ourselves. What would it be like to work for a much broader audience? What if we include the other 99,99% of life?\\
 \\ \\
-**Topics:** Could artificial beings contribute ​to biodiversitymicroclimatespollination,​ zoochoriereforestation or even fill vacant ecological niches? Could artificial beings interact symbiotically ​in food-websUse foraging strategies as a power source? Predate on invasive speciesor enable trophic cascades ​to create more biodiverse ​landscapes?​\\+The often heared ambition ​to '​reconnect to nature'​implies accepting ourselves as nature. Including all our artifactsinfrastructures and machines. If we see them - our extended technological body - as naturewe can nolonger design them as if they are not. Then the other 99.99% of life becomes part of the frame of reference ​in which human technologies are developed.\\ 
 +Machine Wilderness aims to take a radical turn towards the great wealth of non-human life. What could an ecologically inclusive practice look likeHow do you engage with the levels of complexitysubtlety and grace of life? What could technology look like if our technologies related ​to landscapes ​in the way organisms do; participating in local material flows, food-chains and layers of communication?​\\ 
 +Can our tools help us rejoin the Great Conversation with life?\\ 
 Artists / designers: Artists / designers:
-  * [[http://​ivanhenriques.com|Ivan Henriques]] Symbiotic Machine 
   * [[http://​www.ingramclockworks.com/​index.html|Ian Ingram]] various projects   * [[http://​www.ingramclockworks.com/​index.html|Ian Ingram]] various projects
   * FoAM's [[http://​augmentedecology.com/​|Augmented Ecology]]   * FoAM's [[http://​augmentedecology.com/​|Augmented Ecology]]
-  * [[http://www.shlomi-mir.com/​tumbleweed/​|Shlomi Mir]] Tumbleweed Robot +  * [[http://ivanhenriques.com|Ivan Henriques]] Symbiotic Machine 
-  * [[http://marniajohnston.com/​section/​278549_TE_ND_Rover_Project.html|Marina Johnston]] [[http://​www.tendrover.com/|Te+nd Rover]] +  * [[https://notnot.home.xs4all.nl/spotter/spotter.html/Driessen Verstappen]] 
-  * [[http://www.plantasnomadas.com/|Gilberto Esparza]] Nomadic Plants +  * [[https://www.spelapetric.org/#/navalgazing/Spela Petric]] 
-  * [[http://www.cartesiusmuseum.org/|Giep Hagoort]] plans a [[http://www.robots.nu/​krijgt-nederland-een-eigen-robopark/​|Dutch Robot Park]] + 
-  * [[http://​cargocollective.com/​nonhumanagency|Non Human Space Agency]]+
 Theory: Theory:
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   * [[https://​news.wsu.edu/​2014/​12/​03/​research-examines-quality-of-landscape-cover-for-prey/#​.VR-n-WaZZAY|WSU]] LiDAR fearscapes   * [[https://​news.wsu.edu/​2014/​12/​03/​research-examines-quality-of-landscape-cover-for-prey/#​.VR-n-WaZZAY|WSU]] LiDAR fearscapes
   * [[http://​www2.isr.uc.pt/​~embedded/​events/​WREM/​RSS2013/​Home.html|Workshop on Robotics for Environmental Monitoring 2013]]   * [[http://​www2.isr.uc.pt/​~embedded/​events/​WREM/​RSS2013/​Home.html|Workshop on Robotics for Environmental Monitoring 2013]]
 +  * [[http://​cocoro.uni-graz.at/​drupal/​home|Graz University]] CoCoRo - Marine Robotic Swarms
 Open Source: Open Source:
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   * [[http://​www.fieldrobot.nl/​|Field Robot competition]] in [[http://​fre2015.um.si/​index.php/​event-program|Maribor]] June 15th   * [[http://​www.fieldrobot.nl/​|Field Robot competition]] in [[http://​fre2015.um.si/​index.php/​event-program|Maribor]] June 15th
   * [[http://​softroboticstoolkit.com/​|Soft Robotics]] this years [[http://​softroboticstoolkit.com/​design-competition|challenge]]   * [[http://​softroboticstoolkit.com/​|Soft Robotics]] this years [[http://​softroboticstoolkit.com/​design-competition|challenge]]
 +  * [[https://​youtu.be/​ZFWzmC7B-TE|Hebocon]] for the technically unskilled
 Conferences:​ Conferences:​