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Machine Wilderness Feedback

Feedback from participants in the Cornwall Workshop:

  • The most challenging part of the workshop was moving from concept to actual building.
  • it's rewarding to work with artists who'se imagination is not constrained by function, but work based on a vision, even if it seems unrealistic
  • every thing is like a whirlwind, but I feel alive!
  • I had a lot of fun, interesting how water was recurring in our projects, but these still came out very different, some colorful, some very complex.
  • this [sketching with interdisciplinary teams] should be part of scientific training, coming up with hypothesis
  • I feel in this workshop we were perceiving, more than thinking
  • first day I whished we could have had more time introducing the context, but actually going out right away and being in dialogue worked really well. It should be part of artistic practice too.
  • at first the opportunity to be playful seemed more important than the content, but then we started and in the field the task revealed itself strongly.
  • great to hear the diverse backgrounds of people [introduction round] and seeing it come together during the teamwork
  • the teamwork happened through conversations and discussions and somehow out off this chaos came something that worked well.
  • this workshop showed me that it is possible to find new ways for people to connect to their environment
  • I can't remember a time when I was so related to an environment; looking from the persecutive of the organisms and processes that exist there.
  • I really enjoyed the way we could first be in the landscape and then work from that. The collaboration of arts and sciences creates a flow of ideas.
  • My question is if two days is enough. We went out but didn't get very far with making yet. Maybe that could have been a task for a full day and help to set reference points for the following discussions. I see that in the workshop we aren't going to solve any issues, but it can inspire people to solve issues.
  • The imposed groups made that part of the workshop easy and clear. The first afternoon could have he'd more structure even though it seemed to work out well in all groups as it was. What was new for me was that this workshop deals with technology, but actually it was about poetry!
  • Group dynamics was surprisingly easy. We could have maybe had more prototyping IN the landscape. It was great to see the emotion we developed for our inanimate creatures in such a short time.
  • Robotics is usually a very strict discipline in my normal practice, with a very well defined setting and controlled lab environment. In a lab anything soon seems to make sense. Here we went outside into a totally open environment. Outside is wild.
  • Starting from not aiming for any specific function is challenging for the mind, but it really forces new approaches.
  • I liked the topic, even if our trajectory was unclear at times, I enjoyed the feeling of exploring the future by hand.
  • At first groups seemed a bit stuck in circular reasoning during the physical prototyping, then after the group updates they all seemed to have a more unified and clear idea of what they were working towards.
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