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 Amsterdam, Artis Royal Zoo, 20151102 Amsterdam, Artis Royal Zoo, 20151102
-Notes from the [[http://fo.am/mwsymposium/|symposium]], part of the [[http://machinewilderness.net/|Machine Wilderness]] programme designed by Theun Karelse of FoAM Amsterdam and Alice Smits of [[http://zone2source.net/nl/home/|Zone2Source]]+<html><a href="http://fo.am/media/img/resized/actlist_22192965105_a6cc8342bc_o.jpg"><img src="http://fo.am/media/img/resized/actlist_22192965105_a6cc8342bc_o.jpg"></a></html>
-Machine Wilderness: new ecosystems where environment & technology co-exist, in which humans are less central+Machine Wilderness: new ecosystems where environment & technology co-exist... 
 +[[Lecture notes]] from the [[http://fo.am/mwsymposium/|symposium]]part of the [[http://machinewilderness.net/|Machine Wilderness]] programme designed by Theun Karelse of FoAM Amsterdam and Alice Smits of [[http://zone2source.net/nl/home/|Zone2Source]]
 [[https://twitter.com/search?q=%23machinewilderness%20&src=typd|#machinewilderness]] /  [[https://twitter.com/search?q=%23machinewilderness%20&src=typd|#machinewilderness]] / 
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 +=== References ===
 +  * Research is Ceremony, Indigenous Research Methods, by Shawn Wilson
 +  * Tending the Wild, Native american Knowledge and The Management of California's Natural Resources, by Kat Anderson
 +  * Wired Wilderness, Technologies of Tracking and the Making of Modern Wildlife, by Etienne Benson
 +  * Wildlife in the Anthropocene, Conservation after Nature, by Jamie Lorimer
 +  * Alien Phenomenology, or What It's Like to Be a Thing, by Ian Bogost
 +  * Nature Performed, Environemt, Culture and Performance, ed. Bronislaw Szerszynski et all
 +  * How Things Shape The Mind, A Theory of Material Engagement, Lambros Malafouris
 +  * How Forests Think, Towards an Anthropology beyond the Human, by Eduardo Kohn
 +  * Media, Ecology and Conservation, Using the media to protect the world's wildlife and ecosystems, by John Blewitt
 +  * The Marvelous Clouds, Towards a Philosophy of Elemental Media, by John Durham Peters
 +  * Becoming Animal, An Earthly Cosmology, by David Abram
 +  * CowCam, Kuhe fotografieren ihre Welt, by Christoph Sigrist
 +  * Drone, by Adam Rothstein, part of the Object Lessons series
 +  * Wilder Mann, the image of the savage, by Charles Freger
 +  * The Sympathy of Things, Ruskin and the Ecology of Design, by Lars Spuybroek
 +  * Propeller, by Roy Villevoy and Jan Dietvorst
 +  * A Fieldguide to Next Doggerland, by Theun Karelse
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