A random collection of tools for making GIS maps and diagrams that might be comprehensible.


The Tableau software, available from Free to big commercial versions, has been used by the Migration Information Source / Migration Policy Institute for some telling graphics.


trying to make a nice map from google:

But I could not get this to work, or perhaps, it is almost working…..

Built In

Some thing built in. But it does not seem to show the map…

now (April 2015) completely broken. Not even the simplest olmap seems to work. If bored, look here to try and repair it: https://www.dokuwiki.org/plugin:openlayersmap

<olmap id=“olMapOne” width=“550px” height=“450px” lat=“50.0” lon=“5.1” zoom=“12” statusbar=“1” toolbar=“1” controls=“1” poihoverstyle=“0” baselyr=“OpenStreetMap” gpxfile=“” kmlfile=“” summary=“” > ~~ Plugin olmap help. ~~ Required in the above tag are values for: id (unique on this page), width, height. ~~ Also you will want to enter zoomlevel and lat, lon values that make sense for where you want the map to start.

~~ Below is an example of a POI, you can add as many as you want. ~~ More examples: http://dokuwiki.org/plugin:openlayersmap 50.0117,5.1287,-90,.8,marker-green.png,Pont de Barbouillons; Daverdisse
external link: test.com
internal link: start
DW Formatting </olmap>

<olmap id=“olMap” lat=“52.0” lon=“5.1” baselyr=“OpenStreetMap” summary=“This map shows no gpx trace, no kml trace and no dot”>


needs update

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