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(working docs can be found at )


  • What were the organizational models that inspired you to create FoAM ?
  • How did you would like to differ form existing organizations ?


  • What was the purpose of FoAM as an organization when you created it ?
  • What were FoAM’s vision, mission and values when the organization was created ?
  • How do you see the link between FoAM’s structure, internal processes, and mission/vision and value ?


  • What were the rules to become a member of FoAM ? Was this process formalized ?
  • What was the process to consider someone a member ? Was this process formalized ?
  • What were the reasons leading to exclude a member ? Was this process formalized ?
  • Were there different members status with different right & duties ?
Core team
  • As there always been a “core team” ?
  • How were people becoming part of the “core team” or leaving it ?
  • Where all members of the board FoAM members ?
  • What was the role of the board ?


  • What kind of decisions were taken collectively ?
  • What were the collective decision-making instances ? Where there only the AGM, or did other instances like the Board existed ?
  • How did you manage coordination of members work on projects ? Did you have clear roles and personal missions ?
  • How was decision-making structured within FoAM ?
  • Was there a hierarchy with different members status, more or less involved in decision-making ?
  • How was a new project labeled a “FoAM project” ? Could any member start a “FoAM project” on his own, or did he have to ask other members to claim the label ?
  • Who was in charge of the financial decision-making ?


In your opinion, how many “metamorphosis” FoAM did overcome ?


  • How did the following elements evolved ?
    • Purpose
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Values
  • What/who was a driving for the evolution of these elements ?
  • Was it a collective decision ? Of which kind of


  • Did the rules for membership acquisition/destitution evolved ?
  • Did new members statuses appeared / old member statuses disappeared ?
  • Did new membranes appeared / old membranes disappeared ?


  • How did the decision-making structure evolved with time ?


  • What triggered the creations of the new studios ?
  • Is there an explicitly written common ground or agreement linking studios together ?
  • Is there a hierarchy in the studios regarding decision-making ?
  • Are studios linked financially ?
  • Do every studio manage their own projects ? Can each studio claim to launch a “FoAM project” on its own ?


  • Did new structural inspirations came along the way ? Did they impulsed change within the structure ?

Plasticity, adaptability, evolvability

The nature of FoAM work, its members, and its structure seem to be very plastic and ever-changing, while still being attached to common interests from the beginning

  • How would you name this “DNA”, the part that did not change over the years ?
  • Which element(s) / what reason(s) do you see as responsible for this outstanding plasticity ?

Successes & failures

  • What do you see as the greatest successes of these structural experiments ?
  • What do you see as the failed structural experiments ? What would you have liked to see emerging that did not emerge ?
  • Was the vzw the ideal legal structure for FoAM as an organization ?
  • What would be the ideal legal structure for FoAM in your opinion ?
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