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(an experiment from the March workshop)

Hypothesis / Challenge

“When is engaging the public the best way of changing the rules? and how?”

Experiment design

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  • finding previous examples of where it did/didn't work
  • make poverty history, fish fight, whaling moratorium, etc+
  • don't need to hang a campaign on the main issue, can use lateral issues
  • timing is very important (e.g. elections, public consultations)
  • review of the Habitats and Wild birds directive
    • decided use this as the basis for an experiment
    • experiment: set up a game/simulation of the legislative process
    • look at different inputs, players, outcomes
    • use several iterations of the game to compare different modes of public engagements
  • steps;
    • map existing legislative process
    • look for existing simulations
    • design simulation
    • play simulation (with various strategies, etc)
    • documentation & analysis
  • needs
    • knowledge of legislative process
    • simulation design
    • recruit players
    • players
    • documenting game iterations
    • evaluate strategies



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