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This page starts a list of resources regarding the various subsistence models and various life-support strategies developed by people willing to fully engage in social/environmental causes, avoid working for the wealthy and powerful, and/or contribute to the commons in a non-monetizable way.

Earning money

Using less money

  • Mark Boyle, the moneyless man.
  • Can Masdeu
  • John Jordan et Isabelle Frémaux, Les sentiers de l'utopie.


  • Votre porte-monnaie aux rayons X par Rue89, documented personal budget of a high diversity of people.
  • Jérémy from Roadcalls, compiled a list of ways people can earn a living while travelling - and control their budget to a strict minimum.
  • Vivre la simplicité volontaire, a compilation of short interviews of people living simple lives with little time spent working for money.
  • Tera, economically innovative ecovillage.
  • La communauté, a comic book sharing the experience of a multi-decade-old commune aiming at rethinking relationship between work, money and subsistence.
  • Cyberhippietotalism