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I am currently benefiting from the Transiency Program offered by FoAM. Here is a short description of my motivations and objectives within this program.


I periodically update a Transiency Diary where I chronologically pile up content varying from highly theoretical statements to methodological findings, including various quotes, experiment reports and working hypothesis. It may feature more questions than answers, and contributions in the form of comments are most welcome.

If you are eager of fresh and crispy content, you can follow me on Twitter, or on Facebook.

Some pictures will be posted on FoAM's Flickr account once in a while.


Some more structured “libarynthic” pages will be updated here as the project progresses. You can already read some contents on the Project definition process.


Here are the links to several articles I consider as Landmark Papers. They have played a role in designing the objectives of this Transiency.

These papers outline inspiring thoughts or actions helping to understand that change is possible, as well as shocking observations and analysis helping to understand better why change is desirable.

I will soon start to build a Pearltrees featuring Connected Projects. These are projects I stumbled upon during some online or real-life wanderings, and happened to kind of connect to in the spirit.