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-====Michka'​s ​Transiency====+==Michka'​s ​notes==
-am currently benefiting from the [[http://​example.com|Transiency Program]] offered ​by FoAM. [[http://​fo.am/​macrotransiency-michka-melo/|Here is]] a short description ​of my motivations and objectives within this program.+Project sparks that have in mind these days, contributions welcome: 
 +   ​* ​[[michka:subsistence|Subsistence]], a tentative inventory of inspiring subsistence strategies used by those who want to live the good life, avoid working to make the powerful & wealthy more powerful & wealthier, and/or contribute to the commons in a non-monetizable way. 
 +   ​* ​[[michka:games-for-the-future|Games for the future]]tentative inventory ​of existing games playfully teaching essentials skills for a better life (with [[https://​twitter.com/​MikhaelPommier|Mikhael Pommier]]).
-===On-the-Fly Diaries===+This part of the libarynth was first created as a place to document part of my [[michka:​transiency-main-page|transiency]] research in 2013-2014.
-periodically update a [[http://transiency-diary.tumblr.com/|Transiency Diary]] where chronologically pile up content varying from highly theoretical statements to methodological findings, including various quotes, experiment reports ​and working hypothesisIt may feature more questions than answers, and contributions ​in the form of comments are most welcome.+More recently, ​used it to: 
 +   * document the project we performed with [[http://zprod.org|Paul Granjon]] on [[michka:​research:​microbial_fuel_cells|microbial-fuel-cell-powered robotics]]. 
 +   * document the two art-science workshops ​lead at the Ecole Supérieure d'Arts d'​Epinal (ESAL) on [[michka:​phenomenes|phenomenes]] ​and [[michka:​sable|sand]]. 
 +   * list resources on [[michka:​alternative-engineering|alternative engineering]]initially for students from the "​Humanities ​and technology"​ bachelor ​in Université Technologique de Compiègne (UTC). 
 +   * other partially structured information : you can check the full list of pages of this namespace [[https://​libarynth.org/?​idx=michka|here]].
-If you are eager of fresh and crispy content, you can follow me on [[http://twitter.com/elaborateur|Twitter]], or on [[http://​facebook.com/​michka.melo|Facebook]]. +You can also register to my aperiodic newsletter ​[[https://us20.campaign-archive.com/home/?​u=680472e676559bd625aae5902&​id=77460e00a3|here]], or check [[https://www.linkedin.com/in/michka-m%C3%A9lo-16987743/​|my LinkedIn profile]], [[https://www.facebook.com/michka.melo|Facebook profile]] or [[https://twitter.com/elaborateur|Twitter feed]].
- +
-Some pictures will be posted on [[http://www.flickr.com/photos/foam|FoAM'​s Flickr account]] once in a while. +
- +
-===Reflexive Documentation=== +
- +
-Some more structured "​libarynthic"​ pages will be updated here as the project progresses.  +
- +
-You can already read some contents on the [[michka:​Project_definition|Project definition]] process. +
- +
-===References=== +
- +
-==Landmark Papers== +
- +
-Here are the links to several articles I consider as [[michka:​landmark-papers|Landmark Papers]]. They have played a role in designing the objectives of this Transiency. +
- +
-These papers outline inspiring thoughts or actions helping to understand that change is possibleas well as shocking observations and analysis helping to understand better why change is desirable. +
- +
-==Connected Projects== +
- +
-I will soon start to build a [[http://www.pearltrees.com/|Pearltrees]] featuring ​[[http://www.pearltrees.com/michkasylvain/​projects-connected-transiency/​id10475091|Connected Projects]]. These are projects I stumbled upon during some online or real-life wanderings, and happened to kind of connect to in the spirit.+