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-====Michka'​s ​Transiency====+==Michka'​s ​notes==
-===Quick Jumps=== +Project sparks that I have in mind these days, contributions welcome: 
-   * Lifestyle Re-Design +   * [[michka:subsistence|Subsistence]], a tentative inventory of inspiring subsistence strategies used by those who want to live the good life, avoid working to make the powerful & wealthy more powerful & wealthier, and/or contribute to the commons in a non-monetizable way. 
-     * [[michka:know-hows|Know-Hows]] +   * [[michka:games-for-the-future|Games for the future]], a tentative inventory of existing games playfully teaching essentials skills for a better life (with [[https://​twitter.com/​MikhaelPommier|Mikhael Pommier]]).
-       * [[michka:​know-hows:​bioproductive_balcony|Bioproductive balcony]] +
-       * [[michka:​know-hows:​urban_foraging|Urban Foraging]] +
-     * [[michka:​daily_schedule_scheme|Daily Scheduling Scheme]] +
-   * Research +
-     * [[michka:research:​supercapacitors|Upcycled Home-Made Supercapacitors]] +
-     * [[michka:​research:​cooked_materials|Cooked Materials]] +
-     * [[michka:​research:​microbial_fuel_cells|Microbial Fuel Cells]] +
-     * [[michka:​research:​printer_dynamo|Printer Dynamo]] +
-     * [[michka:​research:​kombucha_culture_waste|Kombucha Culture from Waste]] +
-     * [[michka:​research:​banana-peel-bioplastic|Banana Peel Bioplastic]] +
-   * Personal Project Management +
-     ​* ​[[michka:project_definition|Project Definition]] +
-     * [[michka:​documentation_strategy|Documentation Strategy]] +
-   * Inspirations & External Connections +
-     * [[michka:​reading_list|Reading List]] +
-     * [[michka:​information_sources|(AlternativeInformation Sources]]+
-===Introduction===+This part of the libarynth was first created as a place to document part of my [[michka:​transiency-main-page|transiency]] research in 2013-2014.
-am currently benefiting from the [[http://fo.am/​macrotransiencies/​|Transiency Program]] offered by FoAMThe Transiency program is designed to help creative people perform a transition in their personal ​and/or professional lifeAs a 25-year-old, (almostfresh out of the school, why would I like to already perform a transition ​There are actually some reasons.+More recently, ​used it to: 
 +   * document ​the project we performed with [[http://zprod.org|Paul Granjon]] on [[michka:​research:​microbial_fuel_cells|microbial-fuel-cell-powered robotics]]. 
 +   * document the two art-science workshops I lead at the Ecole Supérieure d'Arts d'​Epinal (ESAL) on [[michka:​phenomenes|phenomenes]] ​and [[michka:​sable|sand]]. 
 +   * list resources on [[michka:​alternative-engineering|alternative engineering]]initially for students from the "​Humanities and technology"​ bachelor in Université Technologique de Compiègne ​(UTC)
 +   * other partially structured information : you can check the full list of pages of this namespace [[https://​libarynth.org/​?idx=michka|here]].
-I have been involved in [[http://www.linkedin.com/pub/michka-mélo/​43/​877/​169/​|scientific/​technical/​engineering studies ​work for seven years]]. Together with some moment of [[http://​www.lapaillasse.org/​news/​1309/​diy-bio-based-electronics-prime-a-la-maker-faire-rome|intense satisfaction]], I also noticed a scary underlying long-term imabalance I would like to adress. This imbalance seems to come mainly from an extreme proportion of indoors mind-centered theoretical tasks. I would like to spend more time outdoors. I would like to have my body exercised through my work. And finally, I would like to get my hands dirty and learn practical down-to-earth know-hows. +You can also register to my aperiodic newsletter ​[[https://us20.campaign-archive.com/home/?​u=680472e676559bd625aae5902&id=77460e00a3|here]], or check [[https://www.linkedin.com/in/michka-m%C3%A9lo-16987743/|my LinkedIn profile]], [[https://www.facebook.com/michka.melo|Facebook profile]] or [[https://twitter.com/elaborateur|Twitter feed]].
- +
-I benefited from an excellent training in [[http://www.epfl.ch|a very pleasant engineering school]]. However, I notice that I do not know how to fulfill my basic needs otherwise than by buying stuff. I don't know how to grow my own food. I don't know how to make or repair my own clothes. I don't know how to take care of my health ​in a preventive way, for instance, by enliving my body as much as my thoughts.  +
- +
-This is for the personal level. +
- +
-On the intepersonal level, I live quite uncomfortably since I understood how every single action I was performing during the day was oppressing other people somewhere else.  +
- +
-Turning the heat on means extracting more oil, while global warming kills more and more people through Tropical storms, or while [[http://​www.bastamag.net/​Gaz-de-schiste-sur-les-barricades|Romanian are beaten up and put into jail as they try to defend their homeland from well drilling oil companies]].  +
- +
-Buying a computer means [[http://​www.bastamag.net/​Quand-Apple-ou-Nokia-ne-savent-pas|destroying essential ecosystems and polluting heavily groundwaters local populations are drinking]]. Is it possible, nowadays, to have a decent life without severely harming anyone ?  +
- +
-I guess self-sufficiencyand [[http://www.tedresearch.net/​teds-ten/|designing to reduce the need to consume are part of the answer]]. Which happily connects with the personal level desire for more outdoors body-involving practical activities. Perfect.  +
- +
-Let's get started ! +
- +
-//[[http://fo.am/​macrotransiency-michka-melo/|Here are]] some more insights on my motivations and objectives within this program.// +
- +
-===Lifestyle Re-Design=== +
- +
-You may have understood it through the introduction,​ I basically ​+