Links from the mindfulness summit hosted by Melli O'Brien, with Matt Dickinson behind the scenes…

A few gifts to begin with...

Mark Williams: An Introduction To Mindfulness

Joseph Goldstein: Practical Guidance On Mindful Living & Overcoming Common Obstacles

Dan Harris: From Sceptic to Meditator. Dan Shares How He ‘Tamed The Voice In His Head’ & How You Can Too

Jono Fisher: Mindful Masculinity, Conscious Capitalism and Kindness

Susan Albers: How to Practice Mindful Eating

Shamash Alidina: How Does Mindfulness Relate To Spiritual Awakening? An Interview & Meditation

Tara Brach: How To End ‘The Trance Of Unworthiness’ & Move Through Fear

Elisha Goldstein: How To Integrate Mindfulnes Into Everyday Life

Rick Hanson: The Neuroscience Of Mindfulness

Tami Simon: How Does Mindfulness Relate To Spiritual Awakening? An Interview & Meditation

Sam Harris: Waking Up. A Powerful Talk About Spirituality Without Religion

Jack Kornfield: Integrating ‘Spiritual’ Life With Everyday Life

Vidyamala Burch: Mindfulness For Chronic Pain & Suffering

Paul Gilbert: How To Practice Mindful Compassion

Dan Siegel & Caroline Welch: The Effects of Technology & Mindfulness Business & Leadership

Lori Deschene: Mindfulness With Technology & The Power of Authenticity

Arianna Huffington: How To Thrive In This Information Age

Russ Harris: Mindfulness, Zombies, And How To Unhook Yourself From Thoughts

Timothea Goddard: The Insights & Realisations That Develop Through Mindfulness

Mirabai Bush: Mindfulness In Business

Kristen Race: Mindful Parenting

Daniel Goleman Why Focus Is The Hidden Driver Of Excellence

→ Tara Bennet Goleman - Emotional Alchemy

→ Dalai Lama - Force for Good

Hannah Perkins: Meditation

Michael Chaskalson Mindfulness For Peak Performance

Dawa Tarchin Phillips: Meditation

Katherine Weare – Teaching Mindfulness To Children

Richard Burnett: How to create a mindful School

→ Books for/about mindfulness for children

Kaira Jewel Williams: 4 pebble meditation

Danny Penman: Mindfulness for creativity

Gustavo Ce Cestari: Meditation

Judson Brewer: Mindfulness for addiction

Saki Santorelli: Meditation

Jon Kabat-Zinn: The Deeper Dimensions of Mindfulness

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