not necesary useful, or related. mostly links to follow up for wireless development/testing small RF tranceivers

compact wireless modem programmable controller hardware is there ANYONE who makes a small, reliable serial to 802.11b unit??! (the WavelanEC/S is aparently “crappy”) From: (Richard W. DeVaul) via xinwei >If you want a self-contained 10-base to 802.11 bridge that is smaller, >more robust, and will do everything the EC will and more, I would >recommend going with the Intrinsic Software CerfBoard plus an 802.11b >CF card. That is what we are using as the new wireless bridge on the >MIThril, and it works very well. As a plus, you get a full-blown >highly configurable Linux-based firewall with 200 MIPS of processing >power for even less power consumption than you will get with the >crappy lucent part. see also: Wearable Computing