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Some more G o T o 0 musings....

  • love - water - surrender
  • unity - courtly love
  • mystical imagery, adam and eve
  • divinity in womanhood (mother jesus)
  • problems with sexuality
  • use and share of talents
  • acceptable infidelity
  • god as the lover
  • avoiding sins
  • no logical deduction
  • mirrors (reflection) for simple souls - heretic
  • gradual acceptance. Path
  • desire – servitude
  • abyss /heights
  • breath
  • sickness pain and violence of love
  • heavenly freedom
  • knowledge without delight seems to her the pain of hell.
  • Love melts through the soul and into the senses. And so the body too gains its part and conforms in all ways to love (other way around!)
  • It is the voice mixed with milk…
  • Correlating images of city and soul.
  • Paradoxies, binaries and juxtapositions – unconscious textual tactic to undo patriarchy: fluidity of female power. – selfless (through phallocentric discourse) –miming the sexuality in a masculine mode - traditionally masculine constructs are feminized and vice versa.
  • Mother becomes father/brother and father becomes mother.
  • strategy of modesty: woman: a humble creature
  • desire for three wounds, longing for sickness, desire for Christ's passion
  • tender and fair
  • blood of Christ: milk of the mother. – breast milk is processed blood
  • protective, productive, nurturing and consoling space of the maternal matrix
  • Virgin mother: focal point of men's desires and aspirations: the maiden becomes sexualized, bestowed with the earthly powers of the feudal lady of medieval courts.
  • Text: symbol of the mother - through the purity of its vernacular style
  • Female voice in the text is far from submissive
  • May he consume you in him… how thouroughly one dwells in the other… both are one through themselves, yet remain themselves and will always remain so.
  • And all this remains concealed to strangers, but to the wise it stands revealed
  • Contemporary longing for a bodiless perfection: textual, remote relationships; longing, waiting, visualising, body sickness deteriorating of the bodily functions. Intrusions of junk mail. Reality is text. What is a centre? desire for the untouchable. Opening of one's own self. Therefore: monogamous relationships aren't possible.
  • Sum of all goodness
  • Many such loves. the body disintegrated through various channels. the point is to find the centre, to re-find the boundaries and limit oneself.
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