Expositions of neutrosophy might be difficult to understand, since Smarandache (as “leader of paradoxism”) is fond of paradoxes, such as “All is possible, the impossible too!”. In addition, Smarandache employs unusual grammatical constructions, leading to paragraphs such as:

“Human being is un organized chaos, endowed with abyssal reason, limited senses, and unbounded irrationalism. All is of continuous and transcendental field. Nor even phenomena are totally derivated ones from others, and there is effect without cause because the irrational has its act empire”. Smarandache, pg53 of “A Unifying Field…”


Alkan Chipperfield - 26 Jun 2003

see also: Smarandachean Transdiciplinarity and http://www.gallup.unm.edu/~smarandache

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