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(via @ioerror and Der Spiegel)

Inside TAO: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit:

Part 1: Documents Reveal Top NSA Hacking Unit:

Part 2: Targeting Mexico:

Part 3: The NSA's Shadow Network:

NSA's Secret Toolbox: Unit Offers Spy Gadgets for Every Need:

Shopping for Spy Gear: Catalog Advertises NSA Toolbox:

Interactive Graphic: The NSA's Spy Catalog:

Neue Dokumente: Der geheime Werkzeugkasten der NSA:

NSA-Programm “Quantumtheory”: Wie der US-Geheimdienst weltweit Rechner knackt:

Der Spiegel 1 / 2014:

TAO slides:

NSA QUANTUM Tasking Techniques for the R&T Analyst:

Yahoo! user targeting and attack example with QUANTUM:

QUANTUMTHEORY and related QUANTUM programs:

If you'd like to detect the QUANTUM INSERT, I suggest reading about the race condition details:

Details about the Man-On-The-Side with QUANTUM:

QFIRE (NSA-Geheimdokumente: “Vorwärtsverteidigung” mit QFIRE), TURMOIL, TURBINE, TURBULENCE:


More MARINA details:

Catalog of equipment covering around ~50 programs:

Other slides covering FOXACID and more:

NSA QUANTUMTHEORY capabilities list:

GCHQ QUANTUMTHEORY capabilities list:



An overview of all of these articles is available in German:

Earlier this week, I also recently gave a talk titled “To Protect and Infect: part two” at CCC's 30C3. In the talk I explain a number of these topics - the video is a reasonable complement to the above stories:

There are quite a few news articles and most of them have focused on the iPhone backdoor known as DROPOUTJEEP - they largely miss the big picture asserting that the NSA needs physical access. This is a misunderstanding. The way that the NSA and GCHQ compromise devices with QUANTUMNATION does not require physical access - that is merely one way to compromise an iPhone. Generally the NSA and GCHQ compromise the phone through the network using QUANTUM/QUANTUMNATION/QUANTUMTHEORY related attack capabilities.

An example of a vulnerable Apple user is shown:

“note: QUANTUMNATION and standard QUANTUM tasking results in the same exploitation technique. The main difference is QUANTUNATION deploys a state 0 implant and is able to be submitted by the TOPI. Any ios device will always get VALIDATOR deployed.”

They're not talking about Cisco in that slide, I assure you.

Details on VALIDATOR:

Welcome to 2014!

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