fals.ch (only a robotic insect would dance to it) http://fals.ch wrongly so, kritsch aber nicht angenomen http://voreingenommen.aber.nicht.kritis.ch

no type ( http://www.notype.com }})) has music and a nice list of labels http://www.notype.com/drones/sites/mp3_label.html

micro music (as in small?) how about toluol then? anyway, go ⇒ http://www.micromusic.net

sid music, ohne sid. (via pix) ( http://remix.kwed.org/ ) remixes of sid classics …

tiln@aesova ⇒ http://www.aesova.org/tiln

fallt ⇒ http://www.fallt.com/

cronica electronica ⇒ http://www.cronicaelectronica.org/

“Antiopic has been established to provide a viable resource for sound artists developing ideas on the margins of solidified genres.” http://www.antiopic.com/

“zap, crackle and roll…” http://insine.net/

20 ( 6 3 ) http://www.2063music.de/


not really a 'label' unless a label can be made from a range of obscure 365 day old cheeses → http://www.otisfodder.com/projects/365days.html ar archived http://www.ubu.com/outsiders/365/

slurp(able) mp3 sources

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