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 ====Open Sauces==== ====Open Sauces====
-  * [[cookbook recipes v1]] +<blockquote> 
-  * [[:open sauces 2008]] +Now use this idea of cooking as a platform to grasp other pursuitsdo other activities resemble it? If we put technologies through scrutiny, we would see that most do in fact resemble cooking a lot more than physics, particularly those in the complex domain. 
-  * [[:foam food]]+<cite>Nassim Nicholas Taleb</cite></blockquote>
-elsewhere on the libarynth +Open Sauces is a collection of projects, writings and events related to sharing of food, food culture and food systems. Although their format might change, these activities all combine tasting, socialising and learning. Open Sauces brings together people interested in environmental, cultural, scientific and systemic aspects of cooking, eating and sharing food. We come together in members’ kitchens, in labs, studios and public spaces, keeping the source of our sauces and other culinary delights open for anyone interested in testing out our recipes or joining the Open Sauces Cooking Club. 
-{{backlinks>:open sauces 2008}}+ 
 +The mixing of disciplines, of multicultural traditions and playful explorations that make up contemporary food culture can greatly benefit from openness and sharing. Akin to the open source movement in software development, the traditionally secretive world of food and cooking has already begun to benefit from demystifying the source of its ingredients and processes. This is leading to new perspectives on resilient food production. Furthermore, openness can stimulate home-cooks, healthier diets, better science and more inspiring dishes. Sharing knowledge can invigorate food preparation and consumption, as well as undoubtedly evoke other improvements that we can’t yet conceive of. By increasing the accessibility and transparency of food systems we can enhance their resilience, an essential trait in the face of unstable climatological and economic conditions. 
 +  * [[:/potf/tasting_tomorrow|Tasting Tomorrow]]: Scenario development and edible prehearsal at vernissage of the Futures Harvest exhibition at Studio Solipsis in Malta 
 +  * [[:/future_fabulators/future_fictions_menu| Food Futures Vernissage]]: Reception for the opening of the Future Fictions exhibition at Z33 in Belgium 
 +  * [[:/future_fabulators/food_futures|LateLab Open Sauces]]: Tasting dinner as an experiment in experiential futures 
 +  * [[smoke_vapour|Smoke & Vapour]]: A synaesthetic dinner celebrating the ethereal phases of food and cooking, in smoke, steam and sound  
 +  * {{:open_sauces:foam_samenvatting_voedsel2.0.pdf|Summary of Voedsel 2.0}}: A conversation in three courses. Report (In Dutch) from  "[[http://www.lne.be/dagenDO/dagen-van-de-duurzaamheid/2011-voedsel-2.0|Dagen van de Duurzaamheid]] of the //Vlaamse Overheid//. [[http://fo.am/open_sauces_voedsel/|Read more]] 
 +  * [[open sauces 2008]]: Notes from the original Open Sauced dinner in 2008 
 +  * [[cookbook recipes v1]]: Recipes from the Open Sauces cookbook 
 +  * [[:luminous/food_2008|food at Luminous Green]]: Especially designed menu in collaborations with different chefs and restaurants in Singapore 
 +  * Interview with Melinda Sipos for [[Eat Cook Grow]] 
 +  * [[Open Sauces Makina]], a presentation (in Croatian) at the Beltane celebration in gallery Makina, Pula 
 +  * [[:foam food]]: Notes from FoAM's early work with food and cooking 
 +  * [[samhain_2014]]: Festive lunch for the pre-enactment of Barbara Raes 
 +====notes and various...==== 
 +  * [[various recipes]] 
 +  * [[:restaurant guide]]: restaurants around the globe tried and tested by FoAM members 
 +  * [[petrinet notes]]  -> [[carot salad notes]] 
 +  * [[opensauces notebook]] 
 +  * http://notes.opensauces.cc
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