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Open Sauces Editing

notes and pre-publication errata

items marked as deleted have been done.

  • hypen/dash guidelines
    • hypen “-” for hypenation e.g. points-of-view
    • en dash for punctuation “–” (traditionally an em-dash)
    • en dash for ranges e.g. 10–15 mins
    • em dash for prefixing quotes “—”

draft #1 -> #14

  • compressed into draft #16

draft #18 (aka open_sauces.draft.20100413.pdf)

  • p 61. Remove subhead 'Notes' and set as notes for consistency with other articles (eg. pp41, pp86-87)
  • p 55. include author name beneath title.

draft #25 (aka open_sauces.draft.20100422.pdf)

  • changes to ingredients layout. check that amounts and names are consistent with earlier versions
  • p 76. recipe layout/formatting

draft #26 (aka open_sauces_draft.20100425.pdf)

  • pp 12-13. taste of brussels. if possible this page should look a bit archaic, with images from old herbaria and/or beer ads (see email for examples)
  • pp 18-19. frills on parentheses very good on this page. background on this page could be a bit dusty (dukkah dust)
  • pp 49. change amounts in recipe to relative amounts in Stuffed Gol Gappa Balls (see email)
  • pp 60-61. Femke didn't want any images with her text. The drawing should go with the recipe on the next page anyway.
  • pp 60-61. needs page number
  • pp 92-93. little fires: beautiful, but is it still readable? – still “needs work”
  • p 83 change “ginger soup” heading font
  • p 87 footnote indicators in text come after all other punctuation. so ~
    • “ events like the Flemish Primitives2.” –> “ Primitives.2
    • “(GC-MS)1.” in this case i would put the number inside the brackets “(GC-MS 1).” to make clear that it refers to the abbreviation and not the sentence as a whole.
  • “golgappa” or “Gol Gappa” i've used “Gol Gappa” but it looks like either is ok. (see:
  • pp 81-3 the bolded “why” repeated in each section here looks a bit weird to me. now opens with “This dessert”
  • why is only one side of the spreads numbered? both facing pages should be numbered except on graphic only spreads.
  • i like the idea of the formatting of the ingredients sections, but somehow the combination of ingredients with and without preceding quantities looks confusing to me especially where one ingredient listing spills over into multiple lines. – please add details/suggestions/examples

draft #31

  • document-wide. au bain marieau bain-marie
  • pp 4-7 throughout this section, change hyphens to en dashes where appropriate
  • p 7. change dots … to elipses (but best do a document-wide find and replace for these)
    • Rasa' → Rasa's
    • Pieter' → Pieter's
    • & → and → “Danica and Nika Kuzmanovic, and Vera Miler”
    • heading “Note to the readers on how to get involved” could be rephrased either as “Note to readers [ ]” or “Note to the reader [ ]”
  • p 18. correct table formatting for “Dukkah Dust” recipe ingredients
  • p 25. consider reflowing to avoid the two-line widow in paragraph 3?
  • p 28. 1cm → 1 cm
  • p 41. contuined → continued
  • pp 42-43. spacing here still seems off to me
  • p 47. a hyphen here needs to be replaced with an en
  • p 49. make formatting of “Stuffed Gol Gappa Balls” ingredients section consistent (i.e. lowercase after ingredient quantities)
    • in the sourcing section there is a mini-recipe for harissa. consider setting this in “note style”
  • p 56. Pea and Mint Ice Cream recipe: “1 tablespoon” isn't sitting in the quantities tab as it should
  • p 61. remove full stop from “The Practice of Everyday Life.”
  • p 74. quote attribution line has jumped into the next column!
  • i just noticed the coloured tabs at page corners have no bleed. i don't know if this is intentional or not, but nor do i know why you wouldn't want bleed here, given their positioning. (alkan) – not sure if i'll keep these anyway (nik)
  • also don't forget to make the text more legible in the “little fires” spread (and in some other places) as maja mentioned a while ago.

draft #37 (aka the big final reference shindig)

some quotes still don't have full reference data attached, but in these few cases i think we can get away with it (and in any case no data was supplied by the authors).

the references not corrected below can be left as they are.

  • p 18. Jean-Paul Bruneteau, _Tukka: Real Australian Food_ (New Holland Publishers, 1996)
  • p 23. William Longgood, _The Queen Must Die and Other Affairs of Bees and Men_ (W.W. Norton & Co, 1988)
    • Hubert Guerriat, _Etre Performant et Apiculture_ (Rucher du tilleul Editions, 1996)
    • J�rgen Tautz, _Ph�nomen Honigbiene_ (Spektrum Akademischer Verlag, 2007)
  • p 42. Harold McGee, _On Food and Cooking_ (Hodder & Stoughton, 2004)
  • p 56. [can maja supply the citation data] i've used: Ferran Adria, et al., _El Bulli 2003-2004_ (Ecco, 2006)
  • p 61. H.M.S.J. [this massive and pompous acronym is kind of weird and archaic and so i think it should be left here] De Hol, _Ik kan koken: Geillustreerd handboek voor allen die willen leeren koken_ (Sijthof uitgeverij, 1931)
    • Isabelle Beeton, _The Book of Household Management, 1836_ (
    • Allen Downey, Jeffrey Elkner and Chris Meyers, _How to Think Like a Computer Scientist_ (Green Tea Press, 2002)
    • Frederick P. Brooks, _The Mythical Man-Month: Essays on Software Engineering_ (Addison-Wesley, 1995)
    • Henri Lefevbre, _Rhythmanalysis: Space, Time and Everyday Life_ (Translated by Stuart Elden and Gerald Moore, Continuum, 2004)
    • Luce Giard, Michel de Certeau and Pierre Mayol, _The Practice of Everyday Life: Living and Cooking_ (University of Minnesota Press, 1998)
    • Open Source Publishing:

draft #41

  • p 10. Q. is it ok for an ellipsis (for quotation elision) to follow a fullstop? i.e. “human sex hormones. From the Middle Ages”

Author's Proof #01

  • p 15. remove “Result” subhead at author's request“
  • pp14-16. “FermentBrussels” → “Ferment Brussels” inline italics
  • p 23. missing “About” subhead
  • p 34. replace period with comma after “The Big Fat Duck Cookbook”
  • p 46. update urls at author's request
  • p 53. bulleted list is wonky
  • p 67. “goods in current circulation” → “goods in recent circulation”
  • p 68.
    • quote → italicize correct?
    • 'Adversely' → 'Conversely'
    • 'It intentionally relates' → 'It relates'
    • 'too coarsely constituted' → 'ground too coarsely'
  • p 87. references: replace hyphens with colons for consistency
  • Q: are you going to keep the blue highlighting for the urls? it looks kind of full-on to me. also, urls listed as references/further reading have no special formatting, but urls in the sourcing sections do. in the “further reading” section on p. 61, the styling is kind of mixed. wouldn't this be better if made consistent, i.e. all urls in blue? A: the blue strike probably won't stay, it's there to make sure we haven't missed ny inline urls.
  • by the way, why don't you bite the bullet and just give the sourcing sections ragged margins??? just look at the paragraphs on p. 11 (also 37, etc.) :-/ ok.ok.ok.

Author's Proof #02

  • contents / recipes
    • The table of contents mentions “recipe” before the recipe titles: i think it would be clearer for the user/browser if the word “recipe” would also be mentioned on every single recipe page (10, 16, 26, 34, 42, 48, 56, 62, 68, 74, 82, 88, 92)
    • as the fonts of these titles are set in orange on the individual pages, also put the referring numbers on the table of contents in orange (they are now in blue)?
  • in general: put every url in blue, the difference between “in text” and “out of text” is unclear, now it looks like somewhere the marking has been forgotten
  • in general: provide caption/context info for the double illustration pages?
  • p.4: remove ”»“ sign, as it used differently elsewhere in the text (see p.32-33, i think here it makes perfect sense and is used in the best way)
  • p.6: remove the link to opensauces as it mentioned also on p.7
  • pp.10-11: accolades: there are a lot of them! maybe only use “closing accolades” in case of extra lines and keep to this also in the rest of the publication, as for E418 and Lecithin on p 10 and for Sucre and Glice on p.11, but not in the lower paragraph on Beetroot Crisps?
  • p.10: put also the wikipedia url in blue?
  • P.14: remove ”»“ sign, as it used differently elsewhere in the text. A note sure what is “different” here. the '»' indicated the start of an article/text.
  • pp.22-23: place “About” alinea on p. 22 in stead of 23 accompanied by ”»“? - doesn't work visually. i'll keep it as it is.
  • pp.24-25: place “About” alinea on p. 24 in stead of 25 accompanied by ”»“? - doesn't work visually. i'll keep it as it is.
  • p.34-35: why not add the drawing of P31 on 34? The page now looks so empty.
  • p.36-37: and use the drawing of p 30 on p 37? A lot of emptiness as well here. Remove closing accolades on p. 36 and use a smaller one for p.37?
  • p.41: Maybe put title in bold “Please try this at home” - changed to subtitle
  • p.43: put floating “agar-agar” paragraph below recipe and close with accolade
  • p.49: put floating “Notes” below recipe and close with accolade?
  • p.57: put floating “sodium” paragraph below recipe and close with accolade, remove the rest of the closing accolades and use them for Xanthan and Gluco?
  • pp.72-73: remove the entire right column “about” on p 73 to left column on p 72 and shift the rest of the columns to the right? use the ”»“ as it used on p.32-33?
  • pp.86-87: remove the entire right column “about” on p 87 to left column on p 86 and shift the rest of the columns to the right? use the ”»“ as it used on p.32-33?
  • pp.90-91: beautiful drawings, but not sure where this refers to?</del> - desert
  • Sneha Solanki bio update

Some thoughts [tj]:

  • p.67: the column furthest to the right starts one line lower than the one to its left
  • p.82: I dared tasting it change to I dared taste it
  • p.93: Chop mint leaves very fine change fine to finely
  • pp. 94-95: spread 14? To add
  • Seemed to be some other spacing issues but when I copied the text into Word, there was just one space between the words (rather than what seemed to be none or several). I can put these up if necessary.

Author's Proof #03

  • p 4. in diversity of disciplines, 2nd paragraph, 2nd line: “considered an art (e.g. virtuoso chefs)” change to “considered an art (e.g. creations of a virtuoso chef)”
  • p 7. last para in acknowledgements: “Danica and Nika Kuzmanovic, and Vera” change to “Danica & Nika Kuzmanovic and Vera”
  • p 10. 1st para last line: “beetroot vermicelli” change to “beetroot maltagliati”
  • p 17. in dark bread: “until double the size” change to “until doubled in size”
  • sp 10 butter emulsion: add: “From The Big Fat Duck Cookbook”
  • p 23. in About, close to the end: “okno and nadine” change to “FoAM and nadine”
  • p 26. in carrot salad: capitalise Fleur
  • p 27. in tangy fennel salad: move “Make a vinaigrette by juicing and zesting a lemon, adding the honey, oil, salt and pepper. Add to the salad mixture and reserve in the fridge.” to the beginning of the paragraph. end with the sentence “Mix all ingredients.”
  • p 29. in crispy parsley: remove cling film from ingredients and add: “Adapted from The Big Fat Duck Cookbook” Q: where is the first BFDC ref?
  • p 34,35,37. “cacao” → “cocoa”
  • p 35. in risotto: italicize beurre noisette (in ingredients & 3rd line from the bottom)
  • sp 18 Q: in risotto: should Chardonnay be italicized? A: No.
  • p 43. last line of sourcing: “Foamlab” change to “FoAM”
  • p 49. capitalize ingredients in stuffed gol gappa balls that don't have amounts in front of them
  • sp 25 Q:: should gol gappa be italicized? A: yes
  • p 57. in pea and mint spheres “pea and mint soup (see above)” change to “pea and mint soup”
  • p 62,63. in intro & sourcing: “Trumpets of death” and “trumpets-of-death” change to “Trumpets of the dead”.
  • p 68. intro: italicize witlof and add: (Belgian endives) NOTE: witlof n (no plural, no diminutive)
  • p 68. intro: “First cultivated accidentally from a replanted chicory root” - change to - “Witlof was first cultivated accidentally from a replanted chicory root in the Schaarbeek neighbourhood of Brussels, during the war of independence in the 1830s.”
  • pp 69-70.
    • in witlof and coffee: “Suze and triple sec and salt” change to “Suze, Triple sec and salt”
    • in sourcing: “Feral Trade coffee was hand-delivered” change to “Feral Trade coffee was hand-delivered by Kate Rich”
    • “pink salt was hand delivered” change to “pink salt was hand-delivered”
    • “Suze and triple sec” change to “Suze and Triple sec”
  • p 73. in about: “!, a design studio based in London and Milan.” change to “Tinker London, a design studio in the UK.”
  • p 92. in intro: “osmathis” change to “osmanthus”
  • p 93. sourcing: “Chocolates supplied by Dominique” change to “Chocolates were supplied by Dominique”
  • colophon
    • “ersatz carrier pigeon” change to “ersatz carrier pigeons”
    • “processed in the tissues of the editors” change to “processed in the tissues of one of the editors”

v.20101011 - url check

still waiting...

  • check all logos
  • check E numbers (either wikipedia or 'de essenties' for reference)
  • check chemical notation
    • only one or two of these have ended up in the publication, no? the one i found looked alright.
  • check IPA for 'stump' and/or 'stampot'
  • check capitalisation & italic of 'Miel beton'
    • i think i checked this, so it should simply be as indicated in the final plain text versions. — Alkan Chipperfield 2010/04/14 02:50
  • map for feral trade coffee → double gold recipe use for online edition
  • check chinese in ginger soup recipe
    • well, as i mentioned by email a while ago, there is nothing in the characters that suggests they aren't what they're meant to be — Alkan Chipperfield 2010/04/14 02:50
  • check urls for accurcy & consistency see above
  • check footnote consistency
    • the few footnotes there are now look fine. maybe consider using a numeral in sneha's (even though there's just the one footnote) to keep it consistent with bernard's article.
  • check libarynth and foam → urls
  • quote references. eg. ” Herbert Spencer in The Big Fat Duck Cookbook (Bloomsburry, 2008)“ or ” F. Adria, J. Soler, A. Adria. El Bulli Books 2003. Rte. (El Bulli S.L., 2005)“ i prefer the first.
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