A contemporary has said: “If the truth were in my hands, I should be careful not to open them.” This is perhaps the saying of a savant, certainly that of an egotist. Another has written: “The truths which one least likes to hear are those which most need to be pointed out.” – P. E. De Puydt

“Panarchy focuses on ecological and social systems that change abruptly. Panarchy is the process by which they grow, adapt, transform, and, in the end, collapse. These stages occur at different scales. The back loop of such changes is a critical time and presents critical opportunities for experiment and learning. It is when uncertainties arise and when resilience is tested and established. We now see changes on a global scale that suggest that we are in such a back loop.” – C.S.Holling


some notes from the scenario workshop 201205

see also complex worlds

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