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-=== borrowed scenery specific wiki gardening===+==== borrowed scenery specific wiki gardening====
 some pointers and diversions to [[:wiki gardening]] around [[borrowed scenery ARN]] some pointers and diversions to [[:wiki gardening]] around [[borrowed scenery ARN]]
-  * <del>transfer conversation threads from http://dilzio.borrowed-scenery.org/ to somewhere near [[dilzio]]</del> 
   * screenshots & various documentalia   * screenshots & various documentalia
-  * some missions, instructions, digressions at [[spauiz/]] 
-  * geomogrificaiton of [[zizim]] map & notes 
-    * fields to export: location (lon,lat); Title; Plant Sighting (description & possibly image); others (date?, time?, category?) 
-    * e.g. http://borrowed-scenery.com/zizim/reports/view/132 or http://borrowed-scenery.com/zizim/reports/view/169 
-    * export/describe as GPX waypoints (wptType) -> http://www.gpsvisualizer.com/ 
   * editing and archiving of material on [[zizim]]   * editing and archiving of material on [[zizim]]
   * editing and archiving of material on [[aniziz]]   * editing and archiving of material on [[aniziz]]
-  * <del>editing and archiving of material on [[dilzio]]</del>+  * annotating and organising material on [[garginz]] 
 +  * page for video collection c.f. http://vimeo.com/album/2250717 
 +==== Review on 20130426 ==== 
 +  * [[aniziz]] will be edited and archived by dave, alkan to do some pruning and gardening afterwards 
 +  * [[zizim]] nik has all screenshots that need resizing, alkan volunteered to write a first pass, nik to edit 
 +  * [[garginz]] is shaping up, but needs some more of alkan's gardening - continuous activity in may 
 +  * [[dilzio]] is pretty much done, alkan can keep pruning if opportunity arises... 
 +  * [[:spauiz/start]] there are still 29 missions to fill (maja, nik, alkan, rasa, dave), alkan will keep gardening them in may 
 +  * make sure everything is linked from the [[:parn/borrowed_scenery_ARN]] page and work on stronger entangling of missions with PARN - and other relevant libarynth pages 
 +  * http://borrowed-scenery.net needs page reshuffling (see nik's email to jiejing), new text and links on http://borrowed-scenery.net/about 
 +  * http://spauiz.borrowed-scenery.net  
 +      * change frame around patabotanists to theun's gilded frame,  
 +      * change sentence "(...) is contacting plants in your neighbourhood" to "(...) is confabulating your mission" 
 +      * is the text describing patabotanists sufficiently readable? 
 +      * do we need an about or help page to explain what the patabotanical dispatch device is doing and who the patabotanists are? (i don't think so -n) 
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