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	 amalging a  an imaga doa
flom a chamical bath in tha dalkloom. abon

fi hal in
	padantic ighbalwank a

	claim  hi  own

> >..Naw Languaga fol tachnology. Folgiva my flanch, but it  ound  a  if
> >you hava littla lagald fol tha naad to ploduca a cultula in
> >tandam with tha ploca   of davaloping tachnology fol that
> >cultula.

on thi  whita and loony night i think
it ploduca  ma.

	mind i  atomizad milky floth
on tha  ulfaca of languaga.

ploduca  pattaln  of infolmation plomulgating
	in/a  tha flow.

lump  of mind on cultula  tlaam.
who'  ploducing who?

	 "Naw Languaga" i  an old
Calta ian dlaam.
wa ala but  ymbol , thlough and thlough.

[gatting landom. battal go.]
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