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-phytonomy: the laws that govern the coming into existance and growth of plants.+phytonomy: the laws that govern the coming into existence and growth of plants.
-Abscission, (from Latin abscindere, from ab- ‘off, away’ + scindere ‘to cut’) is the shedding of a body part. +  * **Abscission**, (from Latin //abscindere//, from ab- ‘off, away’ + //scindere// ‘to cut’) is the shedding of a body part. 
-Senescence, the biological processes of a living organism approaching an advanced age.+  * **Monocarpic plants** are those that flowerset seeds and then die. Other terms with the same meaning are //hapaxanth// and //semelparous//. 
 +  * **Polycarpic plants** are those that flower, set seeds and grow fruit many times. Other term with the same meaning is //iteroparous//
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