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Original Proposal

Call for proposals:

Project Title

Groworld Bazaar

Project description

A collection of projects exploring connections between plants and people. Imagined as an installation with plants, drawings, books, games - a space we can use for different purposes each day.

Current possibilities in this time frame:

  • Augmented foraging phone app
  • New groworld games developments, cultivating online social networks, taking on FarmVille:
  • Plant sensing workshop, connecting physical gardens to game worlds
  • Build your own pata-botanical world - history of imaginary plants
  • Biomodd: update of the Biomodd game (with Twitter feed), short video clips, wall texts written by my Filipino team members, photomontages, maybe one compact case mod from a Biomodd Workshop
  • Groworld Game presented via map (kind of network map) - connecting all our activities on one visual platform
  • Seed Balling workshop + selection of mini plant guild you can take with you.

Key Words: plants permaculture gardening foraging human-plant-interfaces games electronics phone apps

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