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“Establishing chains of Telluric translation, from human scale → earth magnitude, with each translation slowing, widening and diffusing. the feedback earth-human loop as a method of modulation. the human as site for embodying the geological 'body' and atmospherics”

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Day One (23rd):

Presentation: perhaps 2 short presentations, earth code and planetary other?

Discussion, diagrammatics, coding, construction for Day Two centring on:

Specific projects/groups that participants might want to work on.

Day Two (24th):

Earth code/geomantic circuit field trip. That the site becomes a playing field for earth code/geomantics.


Site and time

For the fieldtrip. Accessibility, earth/wasteland and geomantic significance. Also timing of actions reflecting geomantics.

Materials and equipment

To request

Portable loudspeaker for telluric/atmospheric signal amp.

  • Natural radio amplifiers, parts, sample setup.
  • Various wire coils (order some).
  • materials for earth battery: wire, clips, copper, zinc
  • thermite materials(also for presentation): aluminium, sulfur, iron oxide
  • multimeter, tools
  • earthcode devices and cable
  • x60 laptop
  • audio recorder/large format camera
  • trowel

Earth Coding workshop with Martin Howse and Nik Gaffney. 23-25 February. Sonic Acts. Amsterdam.

Through a range of guided, experimental activities, the two day Earth Coding workshop actively explores links between contemporary technology and the Earth, attempting to define a new form of communicative post-land art and examining questions such as:

How can the Earth as a process be prompted to assume a technological form, and thus compose and run software?

What signals can be transduced from the Earth, occupying the body within a potential electromagnetic, geologic or atmospheric feedback loop?

The Earth Coding Workshop, combining field trip, speculative construction and intensive discussion embraces the whole Earth process in an attempt to approach these and other projected questions.

Acivities will potentially include:

  • GPS geomantics
  • Telluric transductions and translations
  • Construction of atmospheric (balloon) feedback loops
  • Worm coding and poetry

This workshop is aimed at artists and cultural practitioners. Please send a biography and a short motivation outlining why you would like to participate in a specific masterclass/workshop to: masterclass[@]sonicacts[.]com. Deadline for application is Friday 13 February 2015.

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