Plant Consciousness Interface

some HPI experiments based on Persinger's “God Helmet”.

Aiming now for around 1uT=0.01 gauss (10 milligauss). To be acheived by trial and measurement.

See also for rough notes, schematics and biolum.

Two differential amplifiers (AD620 measuring plant microvoltage fluctuations) - where on the plant? Also with GND reference a la EEG, further amplified by IRF640 driving coils placed experimentally on occipital lobes. [An alternative would entail microvoltages driving (adjustable) VCO before coils.]

Ref: (ref. remote viewing)

Other potential vectors

  • bioluminescence and some kind of light amplification
  • fungi and their “toxins” / chemical effects on consciousness

see also; plant sensing plant thinking

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