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what upsets people about plants, a selection of News items gathered on May 29, 2008:

  • GM crops banned in Switzerland until 2012
  • top chefs say no to GM foods
  • Fed report climate threats to crops and harvesting.
  • diesel prices tipped affect winter crops
  • marijuana growing in Coolidge.
  • snack cucumber prices rise 90% in Turkey
  • vandalism to school garden
  • marines and Taliban cash crops
  • Chelsea flower show, rarest blooms tied up with red ribbon.
  • greenhouse sabotage shocks Carolina grower.
  • invasive plants in Pembroke
  • Iowa crops expected to survive tornado damage.
  • invasion of foreign flowers costs Britain 2bn a year
  • Balchik botanical garden dispute solved after years
  • Glasgow garden to commemorate war tragedy
  • as food prices shoot up so do backyard gardens according to National Gardening Association.
  • Dutch busdrivers go on back-garden-strikes.
  • San Jose police arrest peeping Tom suspect in bushes.
  • 14 year old raped in bushes.
  • Manitoba forest fire evacuation
  • Petition against Canadian Forest minister.
  • Dutch firm strengthens its hold on Congo forest.
  • Relief for boy and dog after night lost in forest.
  • carbon credit could help develop congo.
  • Minneapolis grave robbers are going for the flowers.
  • Tree kills 13 year old girl in Huddersfield park
  • Golf cart hits tree, 3-foot branch impales man rushed into Hennepin County medical center.
  • three injured when tree hits theme-park trolley
  • tree near Route 97 light construction to be removed.
  • Maple Leaf Community Council fights Town house developer who wants to cut down trees.
  • The owner of 200 acres in Vicksburg says a logging company cut down 1oo trees and tried to steel them.
  • Wadena trees have insect problem.
  • A millionaire businessman (carwash king) threatened to break the neck of a gardener and threw handfuls of rocks at him while he chopped down a dead tree on his neighbour's property.
  • An Omaha man said a court forced him to cut a tree in half after a neighbor complained that it was damaging his lawn.
  • Crushed property. We're talking about a tree on the 300 block of Batavia in the Old West End. It fell on his property during a storm, and it's still there.
  • Swedish Spruce is world's oldest tree.
  • Too much tree felling say Upper Norwood residents.
  • Planted rose hips cause overpopulation of white-footed mice and deer.
  • Overgrown shrubs on memorial.
  • A gardening body is warning it may have to take legal action if Wales' growing demand for allotments is not met.
  • Allotment holders forced off their plots to make way for the Olympics have claimed the land in Leyton provided as a replacement is unusable.
  • Brown grass is spoiling beauty of Balboa Park's west side
  • Southaven Residentes Fed Up With Unsightly, Overgrown Grass
  • Bad pitch ruins Champions-league final.
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