If the future would be a forest, what would its trees look like? You might find their sprouts in Korzo's kitchen, in a alternate reality soup dedicated to all things vegetal. The ingredients of this tasty happening:

1 guide through various scales of life, from micro to macro and back again
1 reciprocal relationship between humans and nature
1 peek in the groWorld Kitchen and it's suspiciously tasty bites
19 bunches of fresh approaches to a possible growing world
4 handfulls of nice people and at least as many nice conversations
1 you.

Method: thoroughly mix and allow up to two hours of fermentation. Serve hot.

Below you'll find the menu served in the Kitchen of Korzo during the Lighthouse festival, 15-03-2012, The Hague, NL
To the recipes suggested Maja added some ingredients from the the foodpairing trees developed by one of foam's collaborators: to make some of the dishes taste more surprising/exciting.

groWorld's bites of the day

MATING DANCE OF PRIMAEVAL SOUPS by groWorld research group A duo of soups with spiced pulses and root vegetables, a farewell to winter

Soup 1:

1kg lentils (chana dhal or brown/red lentils) 1 lemon 1 red chilly a pinch of mustard seeds a chunk of ginger several garlic cloves vegetable stock cube coriander leaves vegetable oil masala spices

Roast mustard seeds and masala spices. Add a bit of oil and fry garlic, chilly and ginger. Add lentils, water and stock cubes. Boil lentils for as long as it says on the packet. Add some lemon and coriander (taste the soup and see if anything else is needed). Leave to rest for several hours.

Soup 2:

2 beetroots 1 large pumpkin 1 kg sweet potato 2 onions 1/2 garlic paprika powder oregano (fresh if possible) thyme (fresh if possible) 1 packet of (soy) cream salt & pepper to taste

Fry onions and garlic until soft, then add the vegetables and coat them with paprika. Add water and oregano. When the vegetables are soft, take the soup off the boil and blend until smooth. Spice to taste. Serve with sprinkled with fresh thyme and a splash of cream.

Equipment needed: Several sharp knives and chopping boards, 2 large soup pots, 2 large wooden spoons, 1 or 2 soup ladles, 60 bowls, cups and glasses, 60 spoons (of any size).

TRYING TO GROW by Arjen Zuidgeest Mixed grains and seeds bread, baked in an alternative oven, fertilised with a sprout infested butter

- Bread (made by Arjen) - 2 packets of Butter - a pinch of Herbs from all other dishes - 1 Garlic clove - 1 bunch of Parsley - pinch of Salt - pinch of Pepper

2000 g tarwe meel 1000 g rogge meel 500 g spelt meel

500 g zonnebloempitten 500 g pompoenpitten 200 g lijnzaad 100 g maanzaad 500 g 5 koren vlokken (tarwe, rijst, rogge, haver, gerst) 100 g roomboter 1 eetlepel bruine basterd suiker 3 eetlepels olijf olie 2 eetlepels zout 1 theelepel peper 100 g verse gist of 4 zakjes droge gist

Mix butter, herbs, garlic, salt and pepper several hours before serving. Place in small bowls in the fridge and later on the table. Cut bread in rough chunks (or allow the visitors to break it by hand).

Equipment needed: Bread Knife (?), chopping board, knife for herbs, butter bowls, butter knives on the table, serviettes.

FOREST COASTER by Clara Lozano Roasted zucchini swirls, with a surprise.

- 10 Courgettes - Purple & gold food dye - Olive Oil - Salt - Wasabi Mayonnaise - Zanzibari red curry - Fresh goat cheese - Rosemary branch - Banana leaf bowls - metal or sate skewers

Slice courgettes on the long side and marinate them in olive oil with zanzibari curry, salt and rosemary leaves for a couple of hours. Put in the oven or grill-pan to roast until charred. Allow to cool. Mix goat cheese and purple food dye. Smear thinly on the courgette slices. Roll the slices into a cylinder and make a swirl at the end. Speer with a metal skewer or rosemary sticks. Served on green banana leaf bowls on top of a mount of golden wasabi mayonnaise. A combination of natural & artificial.

Equipment needed: 1 grilling pan or a large over roasting tray, 1 knife and chopping board, 1 brush, mixing bowls for food dyes, 2 syringes

SEEDBALLS, a tiny alternative for a supermarket by Gaby Felten, Thijs van Teijlingen, Loes and Katarina Jancovicova Spicy pumpkin balls in a dukkah crust

- A middle sized pumpkin - olive oil - rose petal masala - a bunch of fresh or bag of dried thyme - 50g pumpkins seeds - 50g sunflower seeds (peeled!) - 100g sesame seeds - 200g almonds - 100g pistacho nuts - 1 teaspoon sambal oelek - 1 small packet of breadcrumbs

Roast nuts and seeds with thyme and salt in the oven until they're slightly charred. Allow to cool then roughly crush in a blender. Take out about 1/2 and crush the rest into fine powder. Roast the pumpkin in slices until soft. Allow to cool, then mix in a food blender with the dukkah mix, masala spices, a bit of olive oil and sambal. Blend until a smooth paste is formed. If the paste isn't firm enough, add bread crumbs and a bit of water. Form small balls and at the end roll them in a crust of rough nut and seed dukkah mixture. Served on a big plate, or a series of smaller plates, sprinkles with seeds and herbs.

Equipment needed: Big oven roasting pan, kitchen processor/blender (able to crush the nuts and seeds, and blend the paste).

GROWING FLOW by Ludmila Rodrigues and Daniel Berio Fractal broccoli awaiting to be plunged in sweet and sour sauces

- 2 romanesco broccoli florets - 1 pot of honey - 1 jar of cassis mustard - 1 lemon - 2 garlic cloves - a splash of olive oil - a few spoonfulls of mayonnaise - 1 box of parmesan slivers/petals (if you can't buy it, we need a grater to make slivers ourselves) - 1 tonka bean - 1 nutmeg - a splash of truffle oil - drop of balsamico cream

1 broccoli is served raw and the other is lightly boiled whole in salty water. Served as a whole with three dips: honey-mustard, garlic-mayonnaise and tonka-truffle vinaigrette. It is served on a big serving plate. Precut (?) portions can be taken out of the whole and dipped into the sauce.

Equipment needed: One deep boining pot, 2 serving dishes, 6 bowls for sauces, 3 mixing bowls for making sauces, knife chopping board, spice grater, spoons for mixing sauces, citrus press.

PLANT-HUMAN by Samantha and Heayoung Yang Salt-and pepper tofu soldiers, on a bed of purslane leaves and herbs

1 block of firm tofu 1/2 Cup Corn Starch or Potato Starch 1/4-1/2 Tsp. Black Pepper 1/8 Tsp. Sea Salt 1tsp 5 spice powder 1 small red chilly 1 small green chilly 1 pack of chives 1 bunch of purslaine Vegetable Oil for frying (sunflower, safflower)

Put vegetable oil at least 2cm deep in a large deep pot and bring to medium heat. Pat tofu block dry with paper towels and cut the tofu into rectangular pieces of different sizes. Dry each cube. Mix corn/potato starch, 5 spices powder, salt and pepper in a plastic bag. Gently place the tofu in the bag and toss it carefully. Grab the pieces out, give each one a pat to displace excess starch, and place them in the hot oil. Do not move them at all for at least 2 1/2 minutes. Then turn to the opposite end and allow to cook for another 2-3 minutes. Place on a paper towel to drain. Sprinkle purslaine on a large plate and place the tofu population on top. Garnish with slices of chilly and chives.

Equipment needed: 1 Deep frying pan, paper towels, 1 plastic bag, 1 knife, 1 chopping board, 1 or more serving plates.

ALFA GARDEN by Falco and Gerrit-Jan Potato mountains by a lemon lake, mushroom soil.

- a few small boxes of various sprouts - 1 kg of small round potatoes (kriel/new potatoes, if possible peeled) - 1 pot of tuinkers( alfalfa) (with ground) - 2 lemons - a bunch of dille - a bunch of rosemary - 500g mixed mushrooms - a handfull of black olives - truffle oil - shavings of black chocolate or cocoa powder - a few cloves of garlic - a splash of red wine

Roast potatoes in the oven with a little olive oil, salt, dille and rosemary. Chop mushrooms, garlic and olives and sautee in a frying pan with a little olive oil and salt. Once they're semi cooked, add rosemary (or thyme) and a splash of red wine. Squeeze lemon juice and remove pulp and seeds. (optional: Mix with olive oil and salt) Pour the juice into small bowls. Arrange the mushrooms on the bottom of the plate, then sprinkle sprouts on them, if you can sprouts should stand upright, arrange some potatoes and bowl of lemon juice. Think of japanese Zen gardens with a rock and a lake.

Equipment needed: Large oven roasting tray for potatoes, frying pan for mushrooms, citrus press, small bowls of the lake, forks for eating?

SEMI CIRCLE by Marloes van Son Freshly blended apples-cucumber-alfafa elixir served with a botanical shadow play

- 20 green apples - 5 cucumbers - fresh wheatgrass - a pack of alfalfa Ingredients are put into a blender, made a smoothie, garnished with alfalfa on top. Served in carafes (and test tubes?)

Equipment needed: Blender, carafes, glasses (or test tubes?), funnel, plant pots with ground in them (if using test tubes)

MIND THE by Walid Wardak and André Cavalheiro Hanging garden of nuts and berries growing across your way

- A pack of hazelnuts - A pack of walnuts - A pack of framboos - A pack of blackberries Nuts and berries are attached to the ceiling with threads. And a couple of nutcrackers are hanging around.

Equipment needed: Simple white thread, tape to attach the thread to the ceiling, a couple of nutcrackers

WHO SAYS WHAT?! by Eveline Klop and Yaprak Flaming fruity delight

- 1 packet of white marshmallows - 1 packet (500g) of strawberries - 1 pineapple (can be canned if fresh is not available) - 2 mangos - mandarin napoleon liquor, or rhum - cane sugar syrup - zest of 1 orange - 1 bunch of coriander leaves - 1 bunch of mint leaves - pinch of cinnamon powder

Make the marinade of liquor or rhum, cane sugar syrup, zest of orange and cinnamon. Pierce fruit slices with sate skewers and marinate them in the alcohol mixture. Place marsh mallows in serving spoons, on a bed of herbs and arrange the fruit skewers around the serving spoons. Pour the remaining alcohol marinade over the skewers. Burn the skin of marshmallows and flambee the skewers on the table, just before eating.

Equipment needed: large glass vase? or a big serving plate? A pack of long wooden sate sticks. Kitchen welder. Knife, chopping board, a bowl to marinate the fruit. Serving spoons for marshmallows (optional, they could be put on skewers, but should test how much they melt)

THE SQUARE ROOT by Daniel Berio Digestive liquorice tree, to take away.


-30 zoethout sticks

Break zoethout sticks in 2 and are put together with wires in a plant pot with earth, resulting in a tree shape.

Equipment needed: Iron wire, wirecutter, plant pot, some earth


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