general setup notes for the parts involved in “quartet”

  1. turn on wireless
  2. check its on the network (…)
  3. find its ip#
  4. turn on the cerf, wait
  5. find the cerf's ip#
  6. connect to the cerf using ssh (eg. ssh -lroot
  7. insmod adxl.o (this only has to be done when it startsup)
  8. when something is listening for sensor data (on port 5333, eg. oZ) ./operate -h

Another option for ./operate is -s [poll-time-msecs], and there is also -e [difference] for setting minimum difference (epsilon) for data output (0..65535).

The accelerometer system is based on the system developed for Project Txoom], so the [[Cerf Notes might be useful if things deviate too far from the script.

  • open q4.oZ-main.mxt
  • open player shell and zoomviewr to see datascrollers

further instructions

- check
    System preferences > Network > Location
    is set to "sensors // no inet"

 - open 'terminal'
- type
      sudo  -s
- enter password
- type
    /usr/libexec/bootpd -D
- connect the sensor to the ceed (black box)
- check ethernet cable is connected to the laptop
- connect the power to the ceed
- wait

 - you can check the connection by typing
 tail -f /var/log/system.log
   and waiting for something like
      bootpd[453]: ACK sent familiar. pktsize 300
   the nu,ber starting with 10.0.0 will be the ip of the ceed
 - type ctrl-c to exit

 - connect to the ceed by typing
     ssh root@
             (the password is rootme)
 - follow the sensor setup instructions from here ... .
 - type
     insmod adxl.o
 - type
     ./operate -h
  (note: this only works when something is listening ie; oz in max)
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