SECURITY through OBSCURITY (Obsolence), MINORITY (Micro politics), PROMISCUITY (P)

SECURITY through OBSCURITY (Obsolence), MINORITY (Micro politics), PROMISCUITY (P) … % GRAFT: astro-turfing, roots, identity astro-turfing - fake grassroots on social networks done for marketing purposes

context collapse - twitter as intentionally open and non profiled environment in which specific regimes of formative contexts like feminist circle or queer

expected performance - facebook (white trash) compared to my space (arty craze)

compartmentalization (qubesOS linux following historic Plan9 virtualization model) How Splitting a Computer Into Multiple Realities Can Protect You From Hackers

expectation of multiple (facebook) accounts - familly & freinds & …politics separate

- shared accounts for collectives to solidify identity and avoid singling out - swapping password for purpose of self/communal-control (christian radicals) - non-sending emails on server but just logging into accounts

QueerOS?!._ - an operating system for non-conforming fags, radical fairies, questioning nerds and critical software enthusiasts

Queer Operating System as a paradigm looks into queering of normative systems, unpacking of different social, political, economical and aesthetic codes that normalize trough technology.

As categories of sex and gender are socially constructed, and queer people do not have access to normalizing linguistic logic in failing to accomplish the driving force behind futurity: sexual reproduction, queerness actually disconnects the meaning of these signs, exposing their artificiality. What happens when you switch from the goals of normalized (re-)productivity to that of queer performativity? Which concepts are at the base of structuring computer systems and user-developer relations? How do interface metaphors of office/folders/desktop transition to queer spaces of boudoirs, wardrobes, gay-saunas, cruising parks? How do concepts of single-multi user environment transgress into multi-identity/shared-identifiers?

The aim of QueerOS is to lay bare the logic underlying modern operating system software and re-factor its traditional paradigms, with a goal of empowering performative and tactical use of OS in daily queer existence…

Project will run along the lines of articulation (hypothetical, conceptual and theoretical) and production (research, experiments, prototyping and development). Initially focusing on constructing “BRAND” and grounding “MANIFESTO”, then technological “APPROPRIATION” and network “DISSEMINATION”.

APPROPRIATION: At the technical core QueerOS will be built on Haiku OS (MIT licensed Operating System modeled after BeOS) as a new distribution.

tentative work in 30min slots : - demo HaikuOS and BeOS to those interested in its technology promotonal video (historic multi-media) architecture: modular and object oriented apps: Cortex (piping media) & People (multi-identity) scripting: Bethon (Python hooks to BeOS) - install fest for those interested in having it on laptop USB boot test, optional emulation or even disk install share links to info & image files propose use(ability) scenarious ad-hoc identity creation - brainstorming on scenarios app identity/identifiers > systemic change community development and media strategy ?

links to previous working sessions: (- 2012.) (2013) (2014)

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