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Peregrini's share their travel impressions : OLD STAIRWAYS IN VARO҆, RAB OLD CITY 24/07 AT 21.00


The Peregrini Cycling Crew are a group of artistcollectors traveling by bike along a straight line from Koszalin, Poland to Rab, Croatia in July 2012. The line is a rule, a limitation, it defines the territory the Peregrini can use in their journey, not going from one point of interest to another but exploring and documenting the in-between. The journey is a mobile studio; a mode of creative low power travel. Peregrini explore cultural pluralism and socioregional diversity by traveling, leaving a trace of impressions. The Peregini will be collecting experiences and celebrate forgotten modes of intentional travel. Wandering towards meaningful coincidences leaving traces to mark our journey. For the Peregrini the travel is as important as reaching the goal. They engage with people they meet on the road, capturing their stories, drawing on the disciplines of visual anthropology and storytelling. A series of proof-of-concepts will be produced along the fold to empower cultural practices. By choosing Croatia as a final destination, the journey is also a welcoming act by the Europeanartists in the Peregrini crew. The final destination, Rab city, holds the saint of travellers, Sveti Kristofer, as a patron saint - making it a very suitable point of arrival. During preparations for the bike trip on Rab in September 2011, a site specific kinetic solar chapel was built in honour of Sveti Kristofer, featuring a stop motion film installation.

You can follow the trip and read more at http://performingpictures.se/node/127

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