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Radio Frequency and Identification

RFID is the technology of identifying objects via radio frequency. An RFID tag is attached to humans, animals or any other type of object for identification and tracking that could be sensed from a distance where the objects is not even in sight.

RFID is used in many different arenas with great interesting and useful conditions. The health sector uses it to insure health of both human and animal. Firstly, in hospital operation rooms, RFID tags are attached to gauze, sponges and towels. The system detects and counts the used sponges and checks for any misplaced ones in the body of the patient. Secondly, after the outbreak of mad-cow disease it was necessary to identify the sick from healthy cows, and here where RFID tagging comes again. Animal identification is functional too in animal social studies. Interestingly, RFID implants are used to identify humans for security reasons, but some bars use it to facilitate VIPs entrance.

Going from health to financial sector, RFID technology still offers facilitation to many functions, involving different payment methods for mobiles, transportation, and product tracking. In LIREC, RFID tagging is used with robots design and physical programming. Putting Pleo to sleep is as simple as dressing it a pajama. Comic book magnetic patches can make the vacuum robot act shy and hide under the sofa. Many various scenarios are applicable with RFID in robots technology.

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