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talks on 2019-11-11

collective notes from the talks

Cory Doctorow

    1. navigating shifts from 'denialism' to 'nihilism' as an activist
    2. from awareness of issues, to awareness of possibilities
  1. democratic shifts in ownership of digital infrastrucutre, digital feudualism → cooperatives(?)
    1. democratically owned means of production AND methods of allocation (e.g. uber as coop)

Tom Bauler

  1. macroeconomic indicators beyond GDP
  2. focus on 'resources' is relatively recent in economics (circa ~1970) after long absence
  3. principles of ecological economics
    1. list?
  1. in creating alternatives, focus on what to replciate in existing sytems, as well as what needs to be removed/eliminated
  1. various refs.
    1. comment from M. Bauwens, re chang-mai → “hard to find ppl who want to work for money”
    2. “changemakers” (via rob v.k) →
    3. capital poor / labour rich → transitions in commons
    4. pluralism, anit-monopoly, anti-oligarchy
    5. parallels with emergence of 'ecology' as way of unifying concerns around existing issues, previously seen as disparate (e.g. land conservation, species, clean air, etc)
    6. is there a current set of concerns (re. concentration, ologarchy, monoploies, etc) that can be unified with ecology, complexity, etc? (e.g. climate change & concentration of pro-wrestling leagues?)