Social Games

Social games are multiplayer games on social network platforms. They are generally free to play and use a business model based on purchasing of items within the game for small amounts. Their distilled repetitive gameplay and integrated viral advertising make these games extremely popular and profitable.


Social/Game Mechanics to Improve Player Engagement
  • Social Cause Mechanic
  • Gifting Mechanic
  • Notification of New Features Mechanic
  • Notification of Reward Mechanic
  • Newsfeed Update Mechanic
  • Help My Friend’s Space Mechanic
  • Lotto Mechanic
  • Buy/Sell Mechanic
  • Battle Mechanic
  • Comments Mechanic
  • Show off on Profile Mechanic
  • Trading Mechanic
  • Tournament Mechanic
  • Passive Play Mechanic
  • Exploration Mechanic
  • Build My Team Mechanic
  • Quiz Mechanic
  • Meme Quiz Mechanic
  • Leaderboard Mechanic
  • Gambling Mechanic
  • Auction Mechanic
  • Collection Mechanic
  • Rating Mechanic
  • Donate Virtual Coins Mechanic
  • Social Tycoon Mechanic
  • Hire-A-Friend Mechanic
  • Mastery Mechanic
  • Griefing/Prank Mechanic
  • Story Mechanic
  • Game Photo Album Mechanic
  • Harvest Mechanic
  • Mini-Game Mechanic
  • Friend Data Mechanic
  • Internationalization
Social/Game Mechanics to Improve Virality
  • Claim an Item Mechanic
  • Interact With An Item Mechanic
  • Viral Collection Mechanic
  • Funny Content Mechanic
  • Tagging Mechanic
  • Gifting Mechanic
  • Rating Mechanic
  • Scratch Off Mechanic
  • Help a Friend Mechanic
  • Friend is Playing Right Now Mechanic
  • Help a Cause Mechanic
  • Trivia Question Mechanic
  • Quiz Mechanic
  • Take a Job Mechanic
  • Social Curiosity Mechanic
Social/Game Mechanics to Improve Monetization
  • Dual Currency Mechanic
  • Limited-Time/Quantity Item Mechanic
  • Blue Light Special Mechanic
  • Donation to a Good Cause Mechanic
  • Need a Refill Mechanic
  • Gift to a Friend Mechanic
  • Achievement Accelerator Mechanic
  • First-Time Buyer Bonus Mechanic
  • Repeat Buyer Bonus Mechanic