Mission by Alchemilla 'Lily' Umiliata

Live and work in balance with the seasons.

  • in winter: while plants are turned inwards – hibernate, spend your time indoors, research, read, contemplate and reflect on things you've realised in the past months or years
  • in spring: when trees begin to bud – spend time outdoors, create new concepts and designs, produce and tinker, plant and cultivate
  • in summer: when plants are lush and fully grown – be outside as much as you can, share your knowledge and experience, do public activities
  • in autumn: when leaves begin falling – document your activities, archive stuff, write and make publications

If you live in a place without seasons, follow the cycles of flowering and fruiting plants, or pay attention to their diurnal rhythms.

  • Estimated duration: at least 1 year
  • Estimated number of participants: at least 1
  • Vegetal mindfulness: chestnut

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