Mission by Trismegisto 'Herbert' Taraxi

“L. George Lawrence, a Silesian-born electronics specialist, began his studies into plant biodynamics in 1962 while employed as a instrumentation engineer for a Los Angeles space-science corporation. He was actually engaged in a project to develop jam-proof missile components, and believed that using plant tissue as a type of transducer would produce the desired results. He summarized that living plant tissues or leaves were capable of simultaneously sensing temperature change, gravitational variation, electromagnetic fields, and a host of other environmental effects — an ability no known mechanical sensor possessed.”

There are detailed schematics available for several devices designed by L. George Lawrence. However, after selective testing there also seem to be some particular flaws. Try to follow the schematics, documenting deviations where necessary or where ambiguous. Once the device, or devices, are assembled attempt to replicate the experiments to detect biodynamic signals in plants.

Note the importance of Ursa Minor, onions and lunch.

  • Estimated duration: days, weeks, years
  • Estimated number of participants: at least one, perferably with an understanding of electronics
  • Vegetal mindfulness: Jasmine

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