Mission by Drukpa 'Ivy' Konvolvul

Research which plants have become thoroughly entwined with human culture by collecting locations, images and field notes about ethnobotanically recognised plants. You can choose to collect this information about edible and medicinal plants, or those that appear in myths, legends, sayings and folk beliefs. You can investigate plants that alter our moods and thoughts, or induce sleep or wakefulness.

Collect photographs and notes about the plants you find in a physical or digital notebook. Record your the locations of your findings on a map. This can be a printed map that you can hang on your wall, or you can share your discoveries with the rest of the world through a digital map, such as Boskoi.

  • Estimated duration: 1-5 hours
  • Estimated number of participants: Minimum 1, maximum 20
  • Vegetal mindfulness: raspberry

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