Mission by Trismegisto 'Herbert' Taraxi

Following the incomplete instructions at MPEIR, construct a Mycelial Photon Exchange Instrument.

  1. prepare a culture of Panellus stipticus, or other bioluminescent fungi
  2. find some close-fitting goggles (e.g. snowboarding goggles or diving mask)
  3. pack layer of culture medium over goggles
  4. cover with lightproof, waterproof material and seal
  5. prepare for Mycellial Photon Exchange Instrument use
  6. place Mycellial Photon Exchange Instrument over eyes and wait for eyes to adjust to darkness
  7. exchange photons
  • Estimated duration: 2-3 weeks
  • Estimated number of participants: 1 or more
  • Vegetal mindfulness: mostly mycorrhizal
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