Mission by Celsa 'Hazel' Rizofor

  • individually or in a small group brainstorm how to visualise a patabotanical atmosphere
  • list existing movies, artworks, natural or artificial phenomena that evoke the desired mood for you
  • discuss how you would visualise the atmosphere – which colours, shapes, media, materials, textures, movements would you use?
  • after you have a collective sense of the mood, each participant can search for images to visualise it

Option One:

  • Collect all the images on one table, take a big piece of paper and make a collage with them
  • After 10–15 minutes each group comes together to view and discuss everyone's moodboards
  • hang the moodboards on the walls and keep them up for the duration of the project – this helps create an ambient sense of the atmosphere you're trying to shape

Option Two:

  • collect images online and create a joint moodboard on Pinterest or similar
  • Estimated duration: 30–45 minutes
  • Estimated number of participants: From 2 to 20 (in breakout groups of 4-5)
  • Vegetal mindfulness: basil
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