Mission by Eleuz 'Ashton' Querlano

This mission is designed to train your chemical sensory apparatus through scent.

  • pick a street in a city
  • if you are alone, keep your eyes and ears open but allow the these senses to recede in the background, letting your sense of smell come to the fore; if there are two participants, one person should wear a blindfold and earplugs or headphones: this person is the scent navigator, and the second person is the helper, functioning as the navigator's eyes and ears
  • start walking and navigate by your sense of smell
  • observe how you perceive the city through your nose
  • at the end of the walk create a scent-map, superimposed upon the geographic map of the area
  • if you are with two people, change roles so the navigator becomes the helper and go for another walk
  • Estimated duration: from 30 minutes
  • Estimated number of participants: 1-2
  • Vegetal mindfulness: birch
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