Mission by Trismegisto 'Herbert' Taraxi

What would a city sound like through plant ears? What would a city sound like if humans could hear what plants 'hear': changes in light, moisture, wind, tactile sensations, chemical signals, sound…

Alternatively: what humanly audible sounds should we amplify/subdue to experience a plant's sensory spectrum? Can we make music that can be enjoyed by both people and plants?

  • create a sensing apparatus and an instrument able to translate weather and light into a sound composition
  • test your prototype instrument with humans first, then with plants and humans simultaneously
  • record the process, specifications and findings

NOTE: this mission can be a speculative design exercise or an engineering challenge, depending on your skill and interest level.

  • Estimated duration: several days for a speculative design; several weeks for a prototype; several years for a finished instrument
  • Estimated number of participants: minimum 1, but a team of 2-3 people is recommended
  • Vegetal mindfulness: mint
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