Mission by Alchemilla 'Lily' Umiliata

Based on the Vegetal Picnic in Ghent.

  • familiarise yourself with the patabotanists
  • design a dish and an experience that represents their character traits, interests and tasks
  • prepare the food, find materials and serving implements, as well as appropriate costumes
  • find people to serve the dishes and assist the eaters with their experiences
  • rehearse the menu of experiences with people who are serving and sitting
  • serve the picnic outdoors
  • take meticulous notes of the experiences
  • document the experiences and use them to shape future patabotanical experiments
  • Estimated duration: 1 day of design, several days of preparation, 3–4 hours picnic
  • Estimated number of participants: at least 3
  • Vegetal mindfulness: water lily
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