Mission by Alchemilla 'Lily' Umiliata

Before delving into patabotanical research it can help to get a sense of the gut feelings that exist in yourself and the group you're working with – the intuitive, subconscious answers that might already be there, without thinking or knowing much about the subject.

  • write down the following question and read it out loud: What could a vegetal culture be like?
  • walk around the room for a few minutes in different directions and speeds while reminding yourself of the question, and see what comes into your head, what bubbles up to the surface of your mind
  • After a few minutes invite the participants to write down a few words/concepts that they encountered while walking (use Post-Its or other sticky papers)
  • In 'popcorn' order (whoever feels like stepping up and describing what they came up with), add all the concepts to a large piece of paper and cluster them into related topics
  • The resulting diagram should give a sense of the intuitive answers to the core question; photograph your map and add your photo to this page
  • Estimated duration: 30 minutes
  • Estimated number of participants: at least 3
  • Vegetal mindfulness: lady's mantle
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