Mission by Castuus 'Larch' Absinthian

“If the light is sufficient to disclose to us the way of contemplation that lies within ourselves, we may by pursuing it to the end. We may know – not as a mere static dictum but as a winged intuition, carrying an infinitude of significance both for mind and heart – that the One IS the Manifold, and the Manifold IS the One.” Can we thereby “reestablish channels of direct communication with the planetary Other, the mind behind nature”?

  • Stand tall as a tree.
  • Plant your feet firmly on the floor and direct your attention to the soles of your feet.
  • Feel that you're standing, feel the sensation of contact and pressure.
  • Breathe into the soles of your feet.
  • You can close your eyes if that helps, or direct your gaze at the screen without really looking at it.

Remember to breathe…

  • Feel the connection between your feet and the ground – through your shoes, the floor, all the way down to the ground… as if you were putting down roots.
  • Breathe a few times. As you breathe in, feel the freshness entering your body, as you breathe out sink deeper and deeper, underneath the soles of your feet.
  • Feel your awareness reaching all the way to the ground, into the ground, becoming rooted under the ground…
  • Slowly, with every in-breath, move your attention upwards towards the freshness and lightness of air in your lungs.
  • With every out-breath spill out into your roots.
  • Breathe in, you're fresh, breathe out, you're here…

Your body becoming alive with every breath, and dissolving with every out-breath. Every skin cell is breathing, dissolving, reaching out. Through your limbs, your spine, your trunk, neck and head. Soaking up the greenness, opening up like a brave but fragile leaf in early spring. Being aware of the touch of air, the temperature, the scent and the sounds of the space, of other people breathing, growing and dissolving.

  • Feel your edges melting into greenness, becoming one with the air travelling across the landscape.
  • Extend your mind all the way to edges of the continent, breathing a green breath over the ground.
  • If you dare, try dipping your thoughts into the ocean…
  • Then slowly return to your body. Sit down and relax.
  • Observe how you experienced time, connectedness and interspecies communication.
  • Estimated duration: From 20 minutes to 3 years
  • Estimated number of participants: One
  • Vegetal mindfulness: wormwood
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