Mission by Alchemilla 'Lily' Umiliata

This mission is designed to train your vegetal mind to relinquish short-term, short-lived, instrumental and individualistic advances for slower, collective cycles of growth and decay.

  • find a deciduous tree in your neighbourhood
  • set aside at least one hour per day to observe the tree's budding process; it is beneficial to choose the same hour every day: early morning or twilight is best
  • sit or lie comfortably and gaze at one or more budding leaves: can you perceive their changes?
  • observe the tree and your own reactions: does your perception of time change after an hour, a day, a month or a season?
  • based on your observations, imagine what it would be like to experience time as a tree, or a forest
  • continue this exercise every day until the leaves have fallen
  • record your observations for posterity
  • hibernate
  • Estimated duration: one season to multiple lifetimes
  • Estimated number of participants: from half to billions
  • Vegetal mindfulness: baobab
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