Mission by Mandrago 'Fraser' Mithrodin

  • Stand in a circle.
  • Begin shaking your hands, then your arms, feet, legs and head.
  • Try to shake out all the tension from your limbs.
  • Visualise that you are shaking off all the thoughts and emotions that you brought with you into the room.
  • Shake off your worries and expectations.
  • As everything falls from your shoulders and through your fingertips, feel how your mind is clearing and your body is becoming lighter.
  • Allow yourself to arrive.
  • Look around you and say hello to your fellow researchers.
  • Remind yourself that you are embarking on a journey together and that you might need each other along the way.

Welcome to the here and the now.

  • Sit down and relax.
  • Estimated duration: 10 minutes
  • Estimated number of participants: at least two
  • Vegetal mindfulness: vine
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