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===== FoAM Network ===== This meeting is part of a series of [[transiency_conversations|conversations about the transiency]] of FoAM bxl. This time we asked ourselves "How do we work... s * Online stuff * Internal communication * FoAM Studios: * Needs and offers * Update on... no notes from this discussion, as it was part of FoAM's AGM. the plans should begin emerging on the FoA
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ersations|conversations about the transiency]] of FoAM bxl. We asked ourselves what we like and dislike ... experimental creation (e.g. open sauces book) == FoAM = Home == * it is nurturing; upon entering a f... work and causes longer disturbance. * **Shared FoAM members studio** If we all keep using the space ... ade in January 2016 is that whatever happens with FoAM's plans in the future, **FoAM vzw will keep the c
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===== FoAM bxl as a lab for rituals ===== The third in a series of [[:f15:transiency_conversations|conversations about the transiency]] of FoAM bxl. This time we asked ourselves what if FoAM bxl would consider rituals as a focus of our work in the... arch into rituals related to death and dying as a FoAM project or a structurally funded lab. {{>http://
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y=== [[Transient reality]]...where we talk about FoAM's experiments with immersive, responsive, transme... flickr * [[|foam:f15=1]] ===W2: Behind the Algorithms=== ... in which we trace a path through computationa... Engineering: * (FoAM's work in the) Glitch book:
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==== What if we close FoAM vzw? ==== To clarify: in the question above "to close FoAM vzw" means discontinuing the legal entity of the ... discussion IS NOT about stopping the existence of FoAM as the collective, nor its activities. It is abou... arise when we ask the question "what if we close FoAM vzw". The result was a clear dichotomy: * **Ch
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Own Worlds ==== //Notes towards a publication// FoAM is a network of transdisciplinary labs for specul... across Europe and collaborators around the globe. FoAM was established to explore the gaps, overlaps and... permeable edges. {{>}}\\ === The book === The year 2015 marks fifteen years of FoAM’s existence. To commemorate this occasion we are
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==== Grow Your Own Worlds ==== FoAM's publicatie ter gelegenheid van ons 15jarig bestaan. FoAM ontwikkelde over vijftien jaar een praktijk die z... n. Een terugblik op het vijftienjarig bestaan van FoAM toont aan hoe ze zelf de nodige veerkracht aan de dag heeft gelegd. FoAM maakt immers niet alleen verbindingen tussen uite
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=== FoAM 15 === In 2015-2016 FoAM celebrates its 15th birthday. It was conceived in March 2000 as a department ... ndependent entity in Brussels in October 2001. At FoAM bxl we are taking this celebration as an opportun... * [[funding sources]] * [[|interviewee shortlist]] * [[https:
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onversations ===== Conversations with members of FoAM bxl related to the macrotransiency of FoAM bxl. * 20150330, 20160114, 20160119: [[:f15:studio|Studio... e question... * 20150407: [[:f15:nomads|What if FoAM bxl would become nomadic?]] * 20150413 & 20150601: [[:f15:lab_for_rituals|What if FoAM bxl became a lab for rituals?]] * 20150608: [[f
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nd inspirations ==== Some spreads from a few [[:FoAM publications]] and covers of books from FoAM's library, as ancestors, examples and inspirations for the... ==Open Sauces=== {{>}} Open Sauces, 2009, {{>}} Open Sauces, 2009,
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==Reality Generation== ... where we talk about FoAM's experiments with immersive, responsive, transme... Towards Luminous Green== ... in which we look at FoAM's environmental worldviews; combining culture, te... futurology and fortunetelling, delving deep into FoAM's explorations of speculative culture, looking at... ticipatory learning and open knowledge sharing ==FoAM Food== ... is one of the pillars of our transdis
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==== Nomadic FoAM bxl ==== The second in a series of [[transiency_conversations|conversations about the transiency]] of FoAM bxl. We asked ourselves what it might be like to have FoAM bxl become a nomadic or migratory organisation/ne... on online, occasional subgroup coordination IRL) FoAM already functions as a nomadic meeting place for
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s ==== This page collects the notes from one of FoAM's [[transiency conversations]], focused on the qu... munity of practice? Context: Since its inception FoAM bxl has been developing a particular hosting cult... as informally by hosting, guiding and supporting FoAM's guests, residents and audiences. Hosting cultur... generosity has been repeatedly praised as one of FoAM's unique strenghts. We therefore wanted to explor
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r-gill|Satinder Gill]] after she'd spent a day at FoAM scouring the archives for images to use in the fi... sting topics as the evolution of TGarden in later FoAM projects, the importance of understanding complex... mological or spiritual concerns in groups such as FoAM. As "a traditional researcher working on the edg... She was intrigued by the evolution of TGarden in FoAM's later projects, [[|txOom]] a
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==== FoAM bxl as a convent ==== This page collects the notes from one of the [[transiency conversations]], focused on the question: //What if FoAM bxl would transform into a secular or syncretic c... be quite driven to choose a monastic order === FoAM as a monastery === * How does it work in the s... our own worlds... === Speculative roles === If FoAM was a monastery, what role would you see for your
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