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==== FoAM bxl updates 201709 ==== === Maja & Nik === Our summer was filled with wrapping up the previous phase of FoAM bxl, including moving out from the Koolmijnenkaai... d official changes to the governance structure of FoAM vzw. To close the 'summer of moving out' in a mea... itorial and pictorial help) [[|FoAM has
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==== FoAM bxl updates 201710 ==== Autumn has brought new beginnings to FoAM bxl as a distributed entity with no studio space,... SEAD team have re-used and recycled hardware from FoAM's studio in a new instantiation of [[|Biomodd]]. It was a plea
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==== FoAM bxl gathering June 2017 ==== //Focus: how do we want to work and collaborate together from no... healed * locality / localities ==== Working of FoAM Brussels: ==== //**communication (online)**// **/... a year preferably in the spring *For the active FoAM Bxl members *We check for a date in september ... —> see the procedures already in place within the FoAM network //**collective practice**// * Worksho
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~~NOCACHE~~ ==== FoAM bxl wiki ==== [[:foam_brussels/start|home]] \\ [[:foam_brussels/updates]] \\ ---- [[:foam_brussels/gatherings]] \\ [[:foam_brussels/calls]] \\ ----
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==== FoAM bxl Call 201710 ==== Present: Luea, Ingrid, Maja Agenda: * Updates: * Individual upda... es from Luea (PhD) and Ingrid (DAS) * Updates FoAM bxl (see [[update_201710]]) * FoAM vzw as a legal entity now and in the future: Maja & Nik will keep... eems to be working for most people. Q. should all FoAM bxl members be included (e.g. Barbara, Lies...)?
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==== FoAM bxl Call 201709 ==== On the agenda: //"Re-Convening, weaving the threads over the summer toge... the 'next steps'. === Online calls === Purpose: FoAM bxl team meetings - team updates, organisational ... lar intervals: every third saturday of the month, foam people and other likeminded spirits * Spontaneous: whenever a FoAM member is in Brussels and would like to have a ch
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=== FoAM bxl === This subwiki is the collaborative working space of FoAM bxl. {{>}}\\ * Notes from online [[calls]] * Perio
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==== Updates from FoAM bxl ==== * [[update_201709|September 2017]] * [[update_201710|October 2017]]
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=== FoAM Brussels gatherings === Notes from members' gatherings, team workshops, etc. * [[gathering
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= A collection of notes from online calls by the FoAM bxl team: * [[call_201709|September 2017]] *
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