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==== FoAM Library rough guide ==== Here are some tips and hints on using the FoAM library and its online catalogue. This focuses on... is. <html><a href="" title="Ephemera spill by _foam, on Flickr"><img src="
7 Hits, Last modified:}} ===FoAM Library Brussels=== The [[|Brussels FoAM library]] contains a growing collection of [[book... oks|various types]], journals and magazines, a [[:foam_material_library|materials library]], a potpourri... alogued and this catalogue is available online at FoAM's [[
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===books=== The [[foam_library]] in Brussels collects print material that covers holistic topics related to the FoAM philosophy and that may not be easily found in ot... ies in Brussels. If you have a suggestion for the FoAM library, and would like FoAM to consider buying a book, please add it to the list of suggestions here (
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==== FoAM Library ==== ---- [[|Online catalogue]] ---- [[foam library|Intro]]\\ [[foam library rough guide|Rough guide]]\\ [[foam library usage scenarios|Usage scena
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==== Lea Simpson's FoAM library notes ==== (and some more specific [[cataloguing_notes]]) goals for ... rs ===BOOKS=== **option 1** shelved by broad + foam-generated subject, then by running number -assig... on the shelf where it should be! * will be very foam specific, may be trickier to integrate with other... s of library project and your collection. perhaps foam and library volunteers/interns? * statistics
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mobile]] apps to make a first pass of cataloguing FoAM's small but esoteric library. Aside from a few an... ading_notes]] and [[|catalogued items]] may prove intere