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h me when I am going to second-hand shops. ===In FoAM's garbage=== I made most of my seedling pots out... ttles, cans and diverse containers recovered from FoAM's garbage bin. Before foraging any further, makin... that people dump that I could basically transform FoAM into a recycling storage space. I try to moderate... ers mirror. As I was more than one hour walk from FoAM, I could not carry these heavy items all the way
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dimensions from a similar plastic fabric found in FoAM's storage space. This bag is now the main growing
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us amout of masala curry powder * Three to four FoAM cups of buttermilk * Three glasses of water *
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:urban_foraging|out of waste packaging]] found in FoAM's bin. I used many different kinds: * Plasti
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====Bioproductive Balcony==== FoAM offered me to transform their small balcony into a Bioproductive sit